Key Fob System

The security system at Beverly Crest Swim & Racquet Club has become outdated.  Distributing the passcode to the courts has always been a cumbersome process involving numerous delays and phone calls.  Access control to the pool has been flimsy at best while access to the basketball court has been easily bypassed and disabled.  Not to mention the arduous process of reviewing any camera footage when necessary.

Over the winter months we modernized the system to give us greater control over who has access to the facilities you and I pay for through our neighborhood dues.  Gone are the 10-digit key pads at the tennis and basketball courts.  No longer will you have to contact your neighborhood HOA president for that pass code.  Also gone is the cumbersome camera system.

Access to the pool, tennis and basketball courts will be controlled by an electronic key fob.  To gain access to these facilities you will present your Beverly Crest Swim & Racquet Club key fob to the reader at the gate.  It will validate your access and unlock the gate.  This new system will expand with us as our needs change and grow.  We will also be able to take advantage of new enhancements as they become available.

Acquire Your Key Fob…
To acquire your fob please contact Cusick Community Management to arrange a time.
The first two fobs are at no cost to the homeowner.
Any subsequent fobs will be $50 each payable at the Cusick Community Management’s office.

Cusick Community Management
8008 Corporate Center Drive
Suite 100
Charlotte, NC 28226

If you rent out your Beverly Crest Property…
You may authorize your tenants to pick up your fobs on your behalf.
For your approval, please email the following information to
1. Your name
2. BC property address
3. Tenant’s first and last name