Sitting area with view of deck

Spring of 2013 brought in the renovation of our clubhouse kitchen.  Gone are the builder grade counter tops, sink and flooring.  A fresh coat of paint brings out a clean look to the area.

January 2014 saw the replacement of all the clubhouse furniture.  While it served us well, it was time for it to go.  The sitting areas have sofas, coffee tables, end tables and lamps.  The bar stools are solid wood and just the right size to tuck underneath the bar.  Two new dining tables comforatbly seat six each with room to spare.

New furniture includes:
5 new comforatble sofas
6 new living room chairs
3 sturdy new coffee tables
6 matching end tables
6 coordinated lamps to light the sitting areas.
6 wooden bar stools
2 dining room tables
12 dining room chairs

Along with the furniture is a new television and blueray system nicely positioned by one of our three sitting areas.