10 Cozy American Hot Springs You Should Book This Winter

What could be more fun than relaxing in a heated swimming pool when the whole environment is covered in snow? After a long day spent exploring places and participating in some of the best winter activities, soaking in warm water is just what you need to end the day. Some hot springs are located along the roads, while the more hidden ones may require vacationers to wander a bit in the snowy nature. Get your towels ready because these are the 10 cozy American hot springs you should book this winter.

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ten Spence Hot Springs, New Mexico

Nestled in the Santa Fe National Forest, Jemez Canyon and Spence Hot Springs are among the most comfortable in the United States to book for a winter vacation. The Hot Springs has incredibly hot thermal waters and breathtaking views of the surroundings. They are a popular destination during weekends and in the summer, but winter is the perfect time to explore them as there are no crowds to interfere with a peaceful time. The spa pool is small and can only accommodate ten people.

  • Where to stay:
    Travelers can camp in the Santa Fe National Forest or at nearby Vista Linda Campground.

9 Deep Creek Hot Springs, California

Located in the San Bernadino National Forest, Deep Creek Hot Springs can be reached via a hike as it is nestled at the end of a trail, covering 3.6 miles, making it an ideal location for hikers. But even vacationers who don’t like hiking will have a wonderful time going to the hot springs. Thus, the effort is worth it, thanks to the many natural pools of varying temperatures, giving travelers several options to choose from. Also called Bigelow Hot Springs, Deep Creek Hot Springs is beautifully situated next to the McKenzie River.

  • Where to stay:
    Camp in the San Bernadino National Forests or stay at Horse Creek Lodge & Outfitters.

8 Wild Willy’s Hot Springs, California

Wild Willy’s Hot Springs has many pools that naturally form the hot springs. Nestled near Mammoth Lake, these hot springs have varying temperatures, ranging from 35°C to 40.56°C. Travelers will encounter a beautifully shaped spring, providing incredible photo opportunities. Travelers should check the condition of the surroundings before setting out, as some routes to the hot springs may not be available due to weather conditions.

  • Where to stay:
    Sierra Nevada Resort & Spa

seven San Antonio Hot Springs, New Mexico

Located in the mountainside of the Santa Fe National Forest, San Antonio Hot Springs is one of America’s enjoyable hot springs to book this winter. Comprised of about five pools with varying temperatures, San Antonio Hot Springs is perfect for a winter dip. Nestled on the mountainside, these springs offer an incredible view of the surroundings. Getting to the springs requires a 4×4 vehicle, which will take about four miles, plus a seven-mile hike. Those who choose to hike everywhere will hike approximately 13 miles to get there.

Note: Check the Forest Service website before you go, as the road is sometimes covered in heavy snow.

  • Where to stay:
    San Antonio Campground

6 Omni Bedford Springs Resort, Pennsylvania

Omni Bedford Hot Springs Resort is a historic hotel that has been in operation for over 100 years and offers an incredibly luxurious hot springs experience in the winter. Apart from bathing in its cozy hot springs, there is a Springs Eternal spa, where vacationers can get all kinds of treatments to achieve optimal relaxation. Travelers will also find various amenities, including a golf course and pro shop offered at the resort, to make their experience unforgettable.

  • Where to stay:
    Omni Bedford Spa Complex

5 Calistoga Spa Hot Springs, California

Calistoga Spa Hot Springs is an amazing destination to spend the cold winter days. Located in the hills of Upper Napa Valley, this place is magical and has fantastic natural geothermal waters. Cold or rain will not interfere with the springs as the mineral baths are tucked inside. At this place, tourists will be spoiled for choice, between a scorching jacuzzi pool, with temperatures up to 104 degrees, a pool with up to 100 degrees, an 80 degree pool, as well as a splash pool, which is great for kids.

  • Where to stay:
    UpValley Inn & Hot Springs, the inn on the pine

4 Chena Hot Springs, Alaska

Chena Hot Springs is part of Chena Hot Springs Resort and offers incredible soaking opportunities, including indoor and outdoor options. At the resort there is a fantastic spa, offering vacationers the opportunity to relax their body, mind and spirit with a massage. The cost of services vary, but vacationers are guaranteed to reduce stress, relieve pain, and improve range of motion and circulation.

  • Where to stay:
    Chena Spa

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3 Astoria Hot Springs, Wyoming

Astoria Hot Springs is a perfect option for travelers looking for an incredible mix of amenities and tranquility. It is one of the most serene locations and has many pools with varying temperatures, giving vacationers a range of options. Nestled in Jackson, Wyoming, Astoria features a separate, slightly cooler kids’ pool, making it one of the best family options for an unforgettable winter hot springs experience.

2 Umpqua Hot Springs, Oregon

Also called Toketee Hot Springs, they are among America’s cozy springs to book this winter and are easily accessible via a short hike. Travelers will enjoy breathtaking views of the surroundings, especially from the terrace of the thermal pools. The area is only accessible during the day and has plenty to explore in its surroundings, including waterfalls and hiking trails. The hot springs are located in the Umpqua National Forest.

  • Parking fees:

  • Where to stay:
    Camp at Lake Toketee Campground

1 Hart Mountain Hot Springs, Oregon

Located in the Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge, these hot springs guarantee an amazing winter experience. Travelers may struggle to access the hot springs due to heavy snowfall, but its range of pools and amenities are worth the effort. The main pool enjoys an average temperature of 102 (Fahrenheit). A few steps from the main pool is a small natural pool which is a little warmer than the main pool.

  • Where to stay:
    Cap at Hart Mountain Hot Springs Campground

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