11 Fauquier real estate sales exceed $ 1 million in one week


The 303-acre Tulip Tree Farm near Middleburg sold for $ 4.5 million.

The most recent listing of Fauquier real estate sales includes a record 11 transactions of $ 1 million or more.

A 303-acre horse farm near Middleburg sold for $ 4.5 million, topping the list. About two-thirds of Tulip Tree Farm is in Fauquier, the rest in Loudoun County.

The farmhouse comprises living quarters with three bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms above a four-stall barn, built in 2004. The property has a swimming pool, patios, stone walls, a tenant’s house and another barn.

The Scott District property went on the market in May with an asking price of $ 4.9 million, according to Realtor.com.

Gloria Rose Ott of TTR Sotheby’s International Realty represented the seller.

Also recently, a 114-acre house near Warrenton sold for $ 2.96 million.

Built in 1936, the 4,500 square foot home at Broadaxe Farm features five bedrooms and 4 1/2 baths. The Springs Road property features a three bay garage, barn, patios, stone walls, and mature landscaping.

The Marshall District property went on the market in June with an asking price of $ 2.49 million, according to Realtor.com.

Alan Zuschlang of Washington Fine Properties represented the seller and Russell Firestone of TTR Sotheby’s International Realty represented the buyer.

Another stone on 62 acres near Warrenton sold for $ 2.9 million.

Built in 2005, the 9,600 square foot home has seven full baths, 6 1/2 baths, six fireplaces, a swimming pool and a three-car garage.

Rosehurst entered the market in June with an asking price of $ 2.9 million, according to Realtor.com.

Will Thomas of TTR Sotheby’s International Realty represented the seller and the buyer in the Marshall District transaction.

The Fauquier County Circuit Court clerk’s office recorded these real estate transfers from August 12 to 18:

Cedar Quarter

Lori J. and Ralph L. Pasley Jr. to Jose F. Duran and Claudia NA Paniagua, 0.65 acre, 8331 Greenwich Road, near Catlett, $ 295,000.

Frederick M. Nutt, Trustee, to William D. and Kylleigh Wiygul, 21.2 acres, 9027 Burwell Road, Catlett, $ 1,137,450.

Florence I. Harvey at 4184 Christopher LLC, 49 acres, north side of Christopher Way, near Nokesville, $ 569,000.

Thomas and Samantha Hough at Bryan Weber and Aracely Santos, 2.2 acres, 3529 Courtney School Road, near Midland, $ 407,000.

Eland LLC, Zhuohui Zhang as a member, to Kevin P. Nidell, 5 acres, 12350 Roselawn Lane, Midland, $ 375,000.

Misas Invest LLC, Mihai Hriscu as a member, to Robert W. and Jane E. Fisher, Lot 22, Phase 2, Green Meadows Subdivision, 6720 Clarkes Meadow Drive, Bealeton, $ 470,400.

Michael J. Reid Jr. will purchase Great Land LLC, 2 acres, Rogues Road, South Midland, $ 40,661.

Alfredo R. Nieto Jr., Trustee, to Nicholas and Carissa L. Wadding, 0.9 acre, Lot 20, Phase 1, Whisperwood Subdivision, 7430 Whisperwood Drive, near Warrenton, $ 606,500.

Robert L. Newsome III, Syndee E. Groves and Don E. Groves Jr. to Floyd Hitt Jr., 1.59 acres, Lot 1, Section 1, Morrisville Woods Subdivision, 12713 Foxtrot Road, near Bealeton, $ 133,500.

Millfield IV LLC, John M. Adams as Chief Operating Officer, to Justin T. Moeller, Lot 34, Phase 4, Millfield Subdivision, 8193 Major Watters Court, near Warrenton, $ 595,000.

Morton D. and Anita L. Rau to Jonathon E. Colburn and Clare M. Staveley, 30 acres, Lot 4, Saddle Ridge Farms Subdivision, 7900 N. Saddle Ridge Court, Catlett, $ 1,450,000.

Center district

Scott P. and Margaret E. Bzdak to Darren M. and Tonya Hadro, Lot 18, Edgemont Subdivision, 2423 Hidden Creek Lane, Warrenton, $ 615,000.

Lawrence A. and Hannelore Demchuk to Debra and Lyman Miller, 0.5 acre, Lot 97, Bethel Academy Subdivision, 6490 Artillery Road, near Warrenton, $ 380,000.

Lakisha and Charles I. Honesty to Susie and Barnard Grant, Lot 2, Raymond Farm Subdivision, 7376 Trundle Court, near Warrenton, $ 575,000.

Edward Rollins to Kim Keating, 0.14 acre, 204 High St., Warrenton, $ 470,000.

Michael S. Settle to Lida A. Gonzales, Lot 70, Phase 2, Highlands of Warrenton Subdivision, 544 Highland Towne Lane, Warrenton, $ 335,000.

Leroy E. Wittle and Lisa H. Layfield to George Sharikas, Townhouse 132-B, Phase 2, Leeds Square, 132-B Fairfield Drive, Warrenton, $ 180,000.

Lee district

Nathan and Amy Knox at Wilfredo Guerra, Lot 61, Section B, Edgewood East Subdivision, 11240 Edgewood Drive, Bealeton, $ 315,000.

Benjamin and Danielle Rollins to Nathan and Tasha L. Farnsworth, Bed 8, Phase 2, Riverton Subdivision, 7153 McHenry Court, Remington, $ 417,500.

Estate Edward C. Snyder, Jon W. Snyder as executor, to Michael Richards Sr. and Lillian Gall, 5.1 acres, Lot 7, Lake Opal Estates Subdivision, 7700 Botha Road, near Bealeton, $ 300,000 .

Nicholas J. and Amber M. Rauls to Assaldra and Charles A. Oates, Lot 9, Phase 2, Rappahannock Landing Subdivision, 5024 Godwin’s Landing Drive, Remington, $ 385,000.

Dewey W. Taylor at Bash Properties of Virginia LLC, 0.95 acre, 7161 Catlett Road, Bealeton, $ 136,500.

Sean A. Campbell to Rebecca L. McAnallen, Unit C, Building 2, Cedar Lee Condominiums, 11238 Torrie Way, Bealeton, $ 165,000.

Marshall Quarter

Jane M. Hurst, Trustee, to Ronald E. and Rhoda R. Knapp, 62.2 acres, 6266 James Madison Highway, near Warrenton, $ 2,900,000.

Alice M. and Norman L. Mauroner Jr., Trustees, at Broadaxe Farm LLC, 114.7 acres, 9009 Springs Road, near Warrenton, $ 2,960,000.

Herbert Family LP, James H. Herbert Jr. and Elizabeth H. Cottrell as partners, to Philip Q. and Patricia L. Applegate and Joyce B. Darrell, 50.1 acres, Maidstone Road and Goose Creek, near Delaplane , $ 560,000.

Vicki G. and Thomas G. Jennings Jr. to Richard R. Studley and Mariette M. Vanderzon, 27 acres, Lot 10, Highland Corp. Division, 9493 Briar Lane, Delaplane, $ 1,175,000.

Laurie S. and Alesha E. Adams to Joshua R. and Blythe Pidek, 40.2 acres, 6543 Fireside Place, near Marshall, $ 1,150,000.

Francis A. Finn to Darren M. and Julie W. Lee, Lot 20, Section 2, Silver Cup Subdivision, 7325 Iron Bit Drive, near Warrenton, $ 680,000.

Barbara J. and Donald L. Zimmerman, Trustees, to Steven C. and Michelle A. Payne, Trustees, 22.2 acres and 44.4 acres, 4386 Scotts Road, near Marshall, $ 1,135,000.

Sheryl Y. Wills at Latchstring Properties LLC, 4 acres, Lee Highway, near Warrenton, $ 125,000.

Sheryl Y. Wills to Ulises M. Romero, 7.9 acres, 8230 Lee Highway, near Warrenton, $ 350,000.

Charles D. and Lisa EC Gibson at Marisol AR Tunche, 1 acre, 9160 James Madison Highway, near Warrenton, $ 420,000.

Peggy L. Abel, acting trustee, at US Bank NA, 12.6 acres, Elihu Hill Road, near Ada, $ 149,646, foreclosure.

Scott neighborhood

HTAE LLC, Charles D. Riviezzo as manager, at $ LUCKYDUCKS LLC, 65.9 acres, 1615 Zulla Road, near Middleburg, $ 1,700,000.

Maria V. and Harry F. Hopper III to Michael P. Jones and Kimberly R. Judge (two-thirds interest) and Heath A. Farley and Erin K. Jones (one-third interest), 146.7 acres, 2,169 Logans Mill Road, and 156.3 acres, near Middleburg, $ 4,500,000 (66% in Fauquier, $ 2,970,000; 34% in Loudoun, $ 1,530,000).

MCC LLC, Charles W. Moore Jr. and Clara M. Williams as managers, at Capitol Sheds Inc., 1.7 acres and 0.56 acres, Lee Highway, near New Baltimore, $ 1,500,000.

Vint Hill Village LLC, Brian Cohn as Director, at Alpine Schuiling T Inc., 1.9 acres, Lot 1, Land Bay L-2, Vint Hill, Lineweaver Road, near New Baltimore, $ 750,000.

Elizabeth A. and Ronald L. Connell Jr. to Carlo and Rebecca Avergas, 1.5 acres, Lot 4, Green View Subdivision, 6422 View Court, near Broad Run, $ 700,000.

Buckland Farm LLC, David W. Blake as a managing member, to Lisa M. and Jonathan E. Finley Sr., 40 acres, 6492 Vint Hill Road, near Buckland, $ 1,078,035.

Neil C. and Sharon W. Giles to Courtney H. and Phillip B. Brown, 2.3 acres, 6728 Riley Road, near New Baltimore, $ 749,000.

Gary E. and Melissa Miller to Tara J. Pate, Lot 167, Phase 8-F, Brookside Subdivision, 3131 Lake Wesley Court, near Warrenton, $ 680,000.

Thomas S. Burke, Trustee, to Samantha Bendigo and Franco Traverso, 0.69 acre, Lot 7, Block A, Rock Springs Subdivision, 5188 Dumfries Road, near Warrenton, $ 315,000.

Lawrence F. and Donna K. Fones to Gerald W. and Virginia L. Huthoefer, Lot 33, Land Bay H, Vint Hill Subdivision, 7135 Hills Lane, near New Baltimore, $ 720,000.


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