A fire in Riba-Rosa forced the evacuation of a swimming pool and a social center

And industrial fire in the city polygon riba-lal declared This Sunday at 12:33 p.m. The urbanization of La Reva has forced the evacuation of the swimming pool and the social center proximity From that to ships, as 112 Emergencies reports. The fire is caused by causes under investigation in a wrecked ship Calle dels Fogeners. The rapidity of its spread is due, among other things, to the fact that it stores combustible materials very easily.

At least ten firefighters and four command units work in the company where the fire broke out Fight against the fire In the rapidly spreading fire, accompanied by several patrols The local police and the Civil Guard of Riba-Roja.

In addition, a consortium trailer was sent to reload the air, which was assigned great fire where it is expected excessive use of bottles of air for the intervention of firefighters.

A huge column of black smoke was visible for several miles around. Loriguilla Mayor Carlos Rodado advised residents to stay home, although the smoke is not toxic but could cause discomfort.

the fire spread quickly Levante-EMV

The sum of the high temperature of the fire and the heat wave in which we are immersed, three of the report of the provincial association of firefighters firefighter they suffered Fainting due to heat stroke, They’re all fine. Anticipating that this might happen, the emergency had moved a unit of to find up to a polygon. As a preventive measure, toilets were built in the neighborhood.

High temperatures, heat waves and soot hit three firefighters with heatstroke provincial association of firefighters

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