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A bright Saturday morning shines across Cobb Mountain and out to the grassy fairways of Mountain Meadows, host of the second annual Blackberry Cobbler Festival. A steady line of cars streams in, meandering along the mulberry-lined road to the golf course, where local artisans greet customers.

Jennifer Gayda, one of the festival organizers, is delighted with the turnout and the vendors. “If you have a good assortment of salespeople,” she says, “all salespeople are successful. I felt bad having to turn people away, but we could have had booths all along the fairway. Everyone seems content with their decision as couples and families stroll on the grass, enjoying ceramics, homemade soaps, candles, lotions, art, homemade cutting boards, to name just a few of the artisans represented.

Closer to the clubhouse, the littlest guests play in an ancient sandpit, while just beyond is a polystyrene block area and a bouncy house for the older ones. Closer to the restaurant and pavilion, a pop-up tent with a purple banner reads “Kelly’s Blackberry Cobbler,” in memory of Kelly Stuckey, a Cobb legend.

Onstage, a band performs as guests watch, sipping Blackberry seltzer water and beer. Appropriately, friends and neighbors pass by, striking up conversations. It’s easy to forget there’s more to do and see. Once the thirst is quenched, there are more than enough sweet treats on offer, whether it’s a homemade cinnamon roll from Mother Lovin From the Oven or a scone from Wild Hope Bakery. And don’t forget the blackberry ice cream. If you’re craving something tastier, there are more than enough options at BadAss BLT’s food truck. A little further, the smoke rises from a BBQ promising even more tempting choices. For a chance to beat the heat, one can venture into the clubhouse to sample Cobbler desserts, ice cream and local pastries from the bakeries. No one will leave hungry.

But the main event is yet to come. Back at the Clubhouse, the judges sample this year’s Blackberry Cobbler entries. Nobody knows how serious this event is: officials guard the table. After much anticipation and deliberation, Megan Mullins is announced as the winner of this year’s Blackberry Cobbler!

Megan Mullins. Photo courtesy Explore Cobb

The day got warmer, but people still scattered around the golf course, tasting cobblers, sipping beer and stuffing their arms with bags full of local produce. And there’s still more to see, but there’s no rush. As long as the music is playing, there will surely be plenty to enjoy.

Mark your 2023 calendar for the weekend before Labor Day – The Blackberry Cobbler Festival is one you won’t want to miss. Be sure to watch for updates on the Explore Cobb’s Facebook Page.

Trudy and David Wakefield

Trudy and David Wakefield started The Bloom in 2018 to showcase the best parts of Lake County and provide a local outlet for community events, arts, music and writing.

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