Are the swimming pools heated at the Disneyland Resort hotels?

Are you planning to stay in one of the Disney hotels around Disneyland Resort? Disney operates three hotels: Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, Disneyland Hotel, and Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel. Each location offers a variety of amenities, like a walk to nearby parks, but let’s talk about pools.

Every Disney hotel at Disneyland Resort offers at least one swimming pool for its guests. The swimming pools are open all year round and yes the pools are heated! Disneyland pools are heated to approximately 82 degreeswhich is the same temperature as heated pools at Walt Disney World Resorts.

Many guests were using the hotel pools during our February visit to the Grand Californian Hotel (read our Full review). Admittedly, the temperatures were very hot during the day, but they dropped into the low 50s in the evening. That didn’t stop guests from swimming until closing time. We would have liked to spend time at the pool if we hadn’t spent all hours at the parks.

The Californian climate allows Disney Resort hotel guests to swim year-round. However, pools may close for renovations or close earlier in particularly cold weather. We recommend that you check your hotel’s pool hours upon check-in.

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