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NORTH POWDER, Ore. — The Bluewood Alpine Race Team headed to Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort for ski races this past weekend.

On Saturday, February 5, BART skiers took to the 2.2-kilometre Anthony Lake Loop cross-country course, with Olivia Thayne winning the women’s under-12 division, Lila Tyas winning the women’s U14 division and Emerson Thayne winning the U14 men’s division.

Mats Mirick finished second in the U8 men’s division, Robbie Debolt did not finish the U10 men’s race, Neva Hammer and Audrey Banek finished third and fourth in the U12 women’s respectively, and Parker Hand and Carson Hand finished respectively second and fourth. in the men’s U14 race.

Also on Saturday, BART skiers took part in the Trouble Creek race for the slalom competitions, with Lander Eastep winning the U12 men’s division, Lila Tyas the U14 ladies and Parker Hand the U14 men’s.

Elise Wampfler placed third in the U8 ladies, Franklyn Tyas finished fourth and Henry Arthur-Durett and Mats Mirick did not complete the U8 men’s course, and Iris McLaughlin finished second in the U10 ladies.

Peter Batte finished second and Zack Lakkham-Torres fourth, respectively, while Liam Eastep did not finish the men’s U10 race, Neva Hammer, Audrey Banek, Olivia Thayne and Pepper Fackenthall finished 2-3-4-5 in the U10s. U12 women, and Gus Blethen placed third in the U12 men.

Amaia Lakkham-Torres finished third in the U14 women, Emerson Thayne, Carson Hand, Jens Nierman and Boyer Robinson finished 2-3-4-5 in the U14 men, and Clara Maxon placed third in the U16 women.

On Sunday in the giant slalom at the Trouble Creek course, Liam Eastep won the U10 men’s race, Neva Hammer finished first in the U12 women’s race, Jonathan Gimenez won the U12 men’s race, Lila Tyas won the U14 women’s race and Parker Hand finished first in the U14 men. .

In the men’s U8 giant slalom, Franklyn Tyas and Mats Mirick finished third and fourth respectively, while Henry Arthur Durett did not finish, as did Iris McLaughlin in the women’s U10.

Peter Batte, Zack Lakkam-Torres and Robbie DeBolt finished second, fourth and sixth respectively in the U10 men’s race, Audrey Banek, Pepper Fackenthall and Olivia Thayne finished 3-4-5 in the U12 women’s, and Gus Blethen finished second in the men’s U12, while Lander Eastep did not finish.

Amaia Lakkam-Torres finished third in the U14 women’s race, with Emerson Thayne, Jens Nierman, Carson Hand, Boyer Robinson and Michael Gimenez were 2-3-4-5-6 in the U14 men’s, and Clara Maxon finished second in the U16 women’s division.

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