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Papillion is a small town located in Sarpy County in the US state of Nebraska. The city is part of the Omaha metropolitan area. One of Papillion’s most notable features is its parks and recreation system. Within ten miles, one can stumble upon 23 distinct parks.

Geography and climate of Papillion

Aerial view of the Omaha suburb of Papillion, Nebraska.

Papillion is located in Sarpy County, approximately 9 miles southwest of Omaha, Nebraska’s largest city. Papillion is part of the Omaha Metro Area and Papillion-La Vista Public School District. The Papillion Creek runs through the middle of the city from northwest to southeast. Papillion covers a total area of ​​16.76 km2, of which 16.71 km2 is land and 0.05 km2 is water.

According to the Köppen climate classification, Papillion has a humid continental climate characterized by hot, humid summers and dry, cold winters. The annual average temperature is 12°C, with July and January recording the highest (25°C) and lowest (-3°C) average temperatures respectively. On average, Papillion receives 556.5mm of precipitation per year, with June reporting the highest number (70.5mm).

Butterfly’s story

Papillion Creek, which runs through the city center, gave the city its name. The French word (papillon) for butterfly is where the name Papillion comes from. Local mythology claims that early French explorers gave the cove the name “Butterfly” because its shores were home to many butterflies. Then the French word was transliterated to change the spelling. Following the extension of the railway to this location, Papillion was plated in 1870. An act passed by the assembly on February 13, 1857 incorporated the town with it serving as the county seat of Sarpy. One of the last frontier towns in the American Midwest built in the style of Paris in the late 18th century is Papillion, sometimes called “Papio” by its inhabitants.

Population and economy of Papillon

According to the last US census, Papillion has a population of 24,159, of which 50.2% are female and 49.8% are male. The largest ethnic groups in the city include 84.2% white (non-Hispanic/Latino), 3% African American or black, and 6.8% are Hispanic or Latino. The rest are split between Asians, Native Americans, and other races. English is spoken by 91.9% of the population. The rest speak Spanish (2.6%), Indo-European languages ​​(2.3%), Asian and Pacific Islander languages ​​(2%) and other foreign languages ​​(1.2%). Only 58.1% of Papillion’s population are naturalized US citizens. And veterans make up 14.5% of Papillion’s population, of which 88.3% are male and 11.7% are female. At the same 2020 census, 69% of the population are employed, with a poverty rate of 4%. The homeownership rate in Papillion is 70.7%, where the median gross rental cost is $955 per month, with a median household income of $90,000.

Attractions in and around Papillion

The Papillion, Nebraska, Municipal Building along Third Street.
The Papillion, Nebraska, Municipal Building along Third Street. Image Credit: Atomic Energy505 via Wikimedia Commons

Walnut Creek Recreation Area

A 105-acre reservoir is the focal point of Walnut Creek Recreation Area’s 450 acres of tranquil rural views. The Sumter Amphitheater at Walnut Creek is unique to the area; it can accommodate 600 people, excellent acoustics and a large stage. Shows, movies, and other events take place in the outdoor amphitheater throughout the spring, summer, and fall.

Papio Fun Park and the aquatic center of Papio Bay

The six-acre family entertainment complex, Papio Fun Park, features go-karts, miniature golf, batting cages, laser tag, an arcade and lots of interactive activities. With five acres of swimming and recreation space, the Papio Bay Aquatics Center features a zero-depth pool, two waterslides, multiple diving boards, sand volleyball and, for the youngest, a paddling pool with a butterfly slide and a sand playground.

John Sautter Farm

John Sautter Farm, built by a German immigrant farmer in the late 1800s, must be visited to get a glimpse of history. You also have to see the one-room schoolhouse from 1890 right next door.

Downtown Shadow Lake

With over 70 shops, restaurants and services, Shadow Lake Towne Center offers a wide range of dining options, year-round entertainment and shopping choices.

Papillion always amazes visitors with its ambiance and beauty. The area is especially known for its proximity to wonderful outdoor activities like camping, fishing, hiking, biking, picnicking, and more. It is definitely not a place to be missed when visiting the state of Nebraska.

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