Clubhouse Adds Support for 13 Additional Languages, Continues to Experience High Adoption in India

Clubhouse is taking the next steps to maximize audience appeal by adding support for more local languages, opening the door to a wider subset of users, and increasing usage options within the application.

As explained by Clubhouse:

We’re kicking off on Android with the immediate launch of thirteen new languages ​​- including French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kannada, Korean, Malayalam, Portuguese (Brazilian) , Spanish, Tamil and Telugu. We’ll be adding support for iOS and additional languages ​​soon, so people from Mumbai and Paris to Sao Paulo and Jakarta can experience Clubhouse in a way that feels a little more native to them.

The new language options will provide more opportunities for Clubhouse’s international expansion, which progresses steadily, with the app adding more users in more regions over time.

Twitter Spaces may have taken on some of its luster, but Clubhouse continues to grow and expand its audience – slower than it had been at the peak of the year, but it is making progress nonetheless.

And while it may not get the attention it once was in some regions, it has spread to others, with India now its key market for downloads, far doubling the total number of app downloads in the United States, according to the latest App data. Annie.

According to statistics from App Annie, Clubhouse now has 32.7 million downloads worldwide, led by India with 10.3 million. The app has been downloaded 5 million times in the United States and 2 million times in Japan, making up the platform’s top three markets.

This is important, because while it may appear that Clubhouse has already lost to the biggest players in the United States, it continues to gain ground, with the ease of communication facilitated by the audio exchange helping Indian users, by particular, to connect.

The audio connection presents expanded opportunities in the Indian market, as although Hindi is the most widely spoken language in the country, more than 120 other languages ​​are spoken in the region including Bengali, Tamil, Marathi and Telugu. And while many Indians can speak and understand these variations and dialects, fewer can actually read and write each with the same ease, making audio a powerful connection tool for many Indian users.

The live broadcast also provides more opportunities to discuss topics without government censorship – although, of course, Indian regulators can take action on this at any given time, which could then limit the growth of Clubhouse. The app will work to avoid a TikTok-type ban on this front, but for now India offers the greatest potential for the Clubhouse team going forward.

Which also, without a doubt, played a role in the decision-making on Clubhouse’s latest app icon image.

Clubhouse icon

Anirudh Deshmukh is a multi-talented human of many talents. He’s an architect turned singer, songwriter, composer and more. Based in Mumbai, Anirudh joined the Clubhouse earlier this year and by spring had launched his club of 72,000 members, Anirudh, where he hosts his nighttime show “Late Night Jam”.

That seems like a logical goal for the app, amid increasing competition in the United States – and with Twitter still grappling with the impacts of its past disagreements with Indian officials, it could limit its own ability to see a strong adherence to Spaces at the local level. Marlet.

Which means an opportunity for Clubhouse – so while it might not be the top platform it once was, it hasn’t yet, and if it can maintain use and support. sufficient, Clubhouse could still become a niche mainstay for audio creators around the world, with significant potential for community engagement and development.

He’s unlikely to become the giant suggested by some overly optimistic projections, but there’s still a lot going on for the Clubhouse team.

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