Clubhouse is the most popular social network of the year, riding a wave of popularity that has forced countless other apps to create rival audio chat apps. It’s only been available to Android users for about a month, but the developers worked quickly to keep the app up to par with its iOS counterpart. A brand new update for Clubhouse on Android brings a social connection to the app, with a few more changes to come.

This week most important addition is the ability to add your Instagram and Twitter accounts to your profile. The patch notes call this the “most requested Android feature,” and it’s easy to see why. With a community as tight-knit as Clubhouse today, it’s essential to quickly connect users to your other social accounts if you’re trying to grow your audience. If you are on the app, simply go to your profile and press the button corresponding to the social network you want to add.

Linked accounts aren’t the only feature coming in this week’s update. A new reminder has been added in each room to track both speakers or the club itself. Once followed, these future rooms will appear in the hallway and you will receive a notification when a room is online.

Finally, club pages now display more than one upcoming event at a time. Considering the number of conferences that take place each day at the Clubhouse, seeing a full list of future occasions is a big improvement. Each event has an RSVP option, which will notify you when it’s time to reach you.

Clubhouse recently surpassed two million Android users, despite maintaining its invite-only status. Whether it can keep its momentum going after a public launch slated for later this summer is a guess.

Clubhouse: Walk-in audio chat
Clubhouse: Walk-in audio chat