Follower craze, impostors rule Clubhouse as B’luru rooms mushroom

Hooked on Clubhouse, the new voice-only kid on the social media block, as Bengalurians create dozens of city-themed rooms, the platform goes crazy for a new trend: Rooms invite users with an amazing offer to increase their number of subscribers from 500 to 2000 in hours.

For now, it is not about money but about influence, sparked by a collaborative and frenetic mutual follow-up. Seeming to be bossy and firm, the self-proclaimed moderators are on a constant “shoutathon”, urging everyone in the room to follow each other. Stay put and keep hitting the follow button. The longer you stay, the better your influence. Or so they pretend.

Pioneers of this week-long craze, the Malayali groups, initially stationed to mark a massive presence at the Clubhouse. The platform’s algorithm blocks the frenzied sequel. But the smart tweakers in the room have learned how to beat him. Follow 10, pause 10 seconds, repeat. The moderators repeat this mantra over and over.

“1K Followers, Come In,” proclaims a piece in large, bold print on the Clubhouse Thread. Dive in and you hear the moderator identify a newcomer with only 10 subscribers. “People, look for this profile called Rashi with a blue shirt and sunglasses. Show your love, everyone, follow it. Rashi, follow them all back. This is your golden chance, ”the moderator is determined to make Rashi the star of the day.

Puzzled by this bizarre trend, social media analysts call it unprecedented. They had seen celebrities and influencers go the organic or paid route to increase their follower base on Twitter and Instagram. But the Clubhouse method was interactive, instantaneous and persuasive.

Urged on by moderators, users had to be in the game for hours, surrender to diktats, mute their mics, and just follow the hordes. They had to be careful not to turn the sound back on and rub the moderators on the wrong side.

One user dared to do it, only to trigger an outburst of anger: “Don’t you dare. I am hot-tempered and moderate since early in the morning just for your sake. Don’t you want to have 1,000 subscribers to increase your strength? ”

Actor impostor Prithviraj rules Clubhouse

Impersonating Malayalam actor Prithviraj Sukumaran, a mimicry artist had a Clubhouse room packed with over 2,500 people completely hung up for hours. The deception was so convincing that Prithviraj himself had to call it out through a tweet.

He said, “Pretending to be me on social media is one thing. Pretend to be me, imitate my voice, and use an id that closely resembles my insta id is
all together criminals. Please stop this. I AM NOT AT THE CLUBHOUSE! ”

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