Former President Donald Trump billed $ 1.5 million in property tax in 2021

Former President Donald Trump is billed $ 1.5 million in taxes on properties including the Mar-a-Lago Club, three Palm Beach homes and two golf courses, according to figures just released for the 2021 tax roll in Palm Beach County.

His tax bills total $ 20,385 more than last year for the 10 properties in the county under his control, according to an analysis of property records by the Palm Beach Daily News.

Mar-a-Lago’s tax bill has grown from $ 511,675 last year to $ 521,698 this year, thanks to a $ 1 million increase in its assessed value, which stands at $ 27.6 million. dollars.

Club property includes the iconic mansion-turned-club, Beach Club, and several outbuildings, all on 17.5 acres stretching from ocean to lake. The new bill includes taxes collected by tax authorities as well as assessments to help pay for the city’s ongoing project to bury utility lines and fees charged by solid waste authorities.

Tax bills for Trump’s other properties in Palm Beach have also risen, bringing the city’s grand total to around $ 1 million, up from $ 977,227 last year, according to an analysis by the Palm Beach Daily News. The Palm Beach properties are all adjacent to Mar-a-Lago, including three homes and a few vacant lots.

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Each tax bill is calculated starting with the “total market value” of the property, before tax caps and exemptions are taken into account. county houses.

In total, the latest total market value of Trump-controlled properties in the county stands at around $ 83.4 million, an increase from the $ 80.8 million in the tax roll last year. Of this year’s total, $ 83.2 million is taxable, according to records.

In Palm Beach alone this year, the total market value of Trump-controlled properties stands at $ 57.51 million, with the total assessed value reduced to $ 57.32 million.

Tax bills drop at Trump’s two golf clubs

Not all of Trump’s properties have generated higher taxes this year. Taxes owed on the Trump International Golf Club clubhouse near West Palm Beach have increased from $ 166,303 last year to $ 164,180 this year. It was the same story at Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, where taxes billed for the golf course fell from $ 45,080 in 2020 to $ 44,307 this year. The Jupiter Spa Pavilion building also saw its taxes drop, from $ 267,553 to $ 259,179. But taxes at a maintenance building on the Jupiter property have dropped from $ 25,817 last year to $ 26,205 in the new tax rolls.

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The aggregate values ​​used to calculate the new tax rolls were assigned to the properties on January 1 by the county property assessor’s office. Real estate appraiser Dorothy Jacks certified the tax rolls on October 7th.

County tax collector Anne M. Gannon released a statement on Friday saying bills would start arriving in homeowners’ mailboxes last Monday, on a state-imposed deadline. Trump’s invoices are among more than 609,000 individual invoices sent by Gannon’s office, she said.

Trump, like other taxpayers, could get a discount on the amount demanded in his bills.

“There are several money-saving discounts for first payers,” Gannon said. “The biggest discount, 4%, is available to customers who pay in November, and the discount decreases by 1% each month until February. There is no discount available in March.

Former President’s homes have all seen their value increase

Of the Trump homes next to Mar-a-Lago, the one with the highest market value, at $ 15.92 million, is a beachfront home with a vacant plot at 1125 S. Ocean Blvd. Its assessed value is $ 15.73 million, up from $ 14.3 million last year, and its new tax bill is $ 256,679, down from $ 236,011.

The house at 1094 S. Ocean Blvd. has a market value of $ 10.55 million, the same as its assessed value, which generated a tax bill of $ 173,603, up from last year’s total of $ 173,114. A smaller house at 124 Woodbridge Road has a market and taxable value of $ 3.33 million. It was taxed at $ 54,653, slightly higher than last year.

The tax value attributed to Mar-a-Lago was not calculated on the value of land and buildings in the traditional sense, according to the office of the real estate appraiser. Instead, the values ​​are calculated using a formula called the “income approach,” which capitalizes the net operating income reported by the club to the real estate expert each year. Under Florida law, this information is confidential.

The same formula is combined with two other standard business valuation formulas to calculate the property values ​​of two Palm Beach County golf clubs. At the club near West Palm Beach, only the clubhouse is taxable under long-standing contracts Trump negotiated with the county and the authority that governs the Palm Beach County International Airport. The company that owns the club leases the land for adjacent golf courses for over $ 1 million per year

But the Trump company owns the clubhouse, which was taxed for 2021 at $ 164,180, based on its assessed value of around $ 9.45 million. Last year, the clubhouse’s tax bill was $ 166,303.

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At Jupiter Golf Club, taxes billed for the property’s multiple plots total $ 329,691, down from last year’s total of $ 338,450. The assessed value of the lodge this year is approximately $ 12.78 million, down from $ 13.06 million, while the assessed value of the golf course and maintenance building totals approximately 3.65 million dollars, a slight increase over last year.

Tax bills reflect the rates and fees set by municipalities, county, public school district and other tax authorities.

The city of Palm Beach collects about 18% of all property taxes paid by landowners on the island, according to documents. This year, city council set a property tax rate of $ 2.89 per $ 1,000 of assessed value – a 3.3% reduction from last year’s rate of $ 2.99 per $ 1,000 of assessed value.

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