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Green bedroom ideas are perfect right now, as we all seek to foster a deeper connection with nature in our homes. And as our experts will say, what better way than to be tempted by a palette of magnificent greens? Suitable for any room of course, but especially perfect for a restful bedroom arrangement – when it comes to bedroom color ideas, green instantly inspires calm, tranquility, and connectivity with the great outdoors.

Whether you’re ready to commit to a greener lifestyle or just looking for some inspiring new bedroom ideas, get ready to be won over by these creative and artful ways to decorate with green from 10 of our decorators. indoor favorite.


green bedroom ideas painted dark green walls

(Image credit: Chris Horwood)

Dive straight into the depths with abundant forest hues. Deniz Bayern, founder of Studio Kaya, felt drawn to the dark and whimsical hues for this bedroom project. “I think a room painted in a rich color feels like it’s warmly embraced,” she says, and the theory here is the same that goes with gray bedroom ideas. “This particular shade of green, which is Valspar’s Norway Spruce, injects drama into the bedroom while providing a deep sense of tranquility through its direct connection to nature.”

As with anything so richly decadent, a delicate touch and moderation are key; “Dark walls can feel overwhelming at times – so I reduced the rest of the room, using neutral tones and natural textures on the furniture and accessories,” says Deniz. “The widespread use of white helps to bring out the deep green even more while keeping the whole look cool and calming.”


green bedroom ideas

Bedroom design by Studio Ashby

(Image credit: Studio Ashby)

Don’t feel like you have to choose just one shade for your room – exploring the full spectrum of tones that green has to offer through different textures and prints will make for a truly vibrant and exciting look – the best green paint can really uplift a space. Fiona Blanchot, director of Studio Ashby, explains the process behind expertly combining different shades.

“Green is one of our favorite colors; it has the power to completely transform the ambiance of a room, ”explains Fiona. “For the main backdrop of this scheme, we wanted something soft and chose this chalky gray-green for its almost meditative and calming quality,” says Fiona. “This calm backdrop set the scene to introduce something a little more daring. As a studio, we’re drawn to patterns that refer to nature and it feels especially good in a palette of natural greens. We chose a densely patterned nature-inspired fabric for the headboard and balanced its activity with a rich green velvet.

“Touches of ocher, brass and orange help soften the contrasts between green tones to create an attractive oasis away from everyday stress. The magnificent landscape is from Ange Mullen-Bryan, the pendant light is Atelier Areti and the table lamp is Gubi ‘.


green velvet headboard bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Michael Sinclair)

“As consumers and designers, we have the choice to use natural materials and to live in synergy with our environment,” says Louisa Gray, founder of House of Gray. Committed to detoxifying rooms from chemicals and toxins, House of Gray creates serene spaces that are both aesthetic and conceptual that have no impact on the earth and evoke a sense of anchoring in their inhabitants, a fine example of life. sustainable.

“With our design principles in mind, we often find ourselves using a variety of green in our interior design projects for its instant evocation and deep connection to nature,” explains Louisa. “In this particular project, the use of a forest green tone on the upholstery was a natural choice – designed in collaboration with Sebastian Cox, the bed is handmade and has been covered with a combination of fur. rubberized animals, natural latex and 100% wool wadding. The mattress and bedding are made entirely from biodegradable resources so they can return to Earth as nature intended. ”


green room

Design by imperfect interiors

(Image credit: Chris Snook)

Each paint color has a range of subtle undertones at work. These will inform how the color looks when seen in different lighting conditions, as well as how it looks when combined with other colors in the room. For a truly cohesive look, be sure to first consider the look of your room and how your choice of green will fare in its light levels. Then observe the undertones in the paint and choose complementary tones to accessorize accordingly. Beth Dadswell, founder of Imperfect Interiors, masterfully applies this logic to this magnificent bedroom project.

“We pick a paint color with lots of grayish blue undertones, and let that guide us to window treatments and upholstery in pale hazy blues and gray-toned pinks,” says Beth. “The overall effect is tranquil, elegant and contemporary.

“For a bolder look, a more vibrant shade of green on the walls could be paired with bold patterns on the cushions and shades in cohesive tones,” Beth adds. “Little Greene has a great variety of greens – Ambleside and Hopper are our favorites! “


green bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Simon Brown)

Often overlooked, wood trim can be a wonderful canvas to bring another element of color into a scheme, and an easy way to introduce a more layered approach to your green bedroom ideas. In this bedroom, Lonika Chande spotted an opportunity to connect with the rooms beyond, one of those great master bedroom ideas that work if you’re trying to create the feeling of being in a suite.

“We used Paint & Paper Library’s Botanist on the hallway walls right next to the bedroom. .

Just going a few lighter shades on the walls creates a calming contrast; “Green is such a relaxing and calm color, so it works well in a bedroom. The use of Wattle V, also from Paint and Paper Library, on the walls works in harmony with Botanist’s green tones while providing an overall comforting feel to the room.


green bedroom ideas with painted paneling

(Image credit: Anna Stathaki)

The effect of a floor-to-ceiling green treatment is deeply reassuring and envelops you in the delightful depths of this emotional hue. Andrew Griffiths, founder of A New Day, explains how particularly effective it is in a room that is oriented towards nature.

“Green can be a beautifully serene color, especially in a medium earthy tone like Farrow & Ball’s Green Smoke which is used here. The color connects with the treetop view from the window for a quiet and relaxing bedroom.

It is a good idea to create a slight variation in tone between the different elements of the architecture. Andrew says, “In this room we used a subtle tonal look to highlight the details without screaming over it – the walls are Farrow & Ball Green Smoke with Card Room Green on the woodwork. For a smoother transition, the ceiling is then painted off-white with a green undertone. ‘


green bedroom ideas with leaf wall painting

(Image credit: Gunter and Co)

Combining green with visual references to plants and greenery is a perfect match, one of those modern bedroom ideas that can synergize beautifully with the great outdoors. Irene Gunter, Founder of Gunter and Co, said: “We decided to go for a botanical scheme in this room very early on because we thought it would pair very well with the abundance of greenery in the skylight. adjacent, which features a living green wall and lots of great potted plants. ‘

When it comes to building a scheme around bold patterns, striking a balance, and considering the levels of light your room receives will help educate you on the way forward. Irene explains, “The botanical mural came first, so the next decision was what to pair it with. The room is naturally quite dark, so we knew the pale walls around it wouldn’t quite work. Instead, we took a look at the moody mood and found a beautiful Belgian wallpaper in a deep green to surround the window and wrap around the rest of the room for an overall feel.


green bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Mariell Lind Hansen)

Despite popular belief, the combination of pink and green is a sure-fire winner in an interior design. Be bold and bright with zesty tones, or follow Studio Duggan’s route into more subdued territory for a contemporary bedroom look.

Tiffany Duggan, founder of Studio Duggan, says: “The color green has a real moment in interiors. It’s so easy to use and makes a great catwalk color for people more comfortable with neutrals. Pink is the perfect partner because it sits opposite green on the color wheel, creating a dynamic and aesthetic contrast.


green bedroom ideas green bedroom bench

Design by Noa Santos, founder of Nainoa Studio

(Image credit: Noa Santos, founder of Naino Studio)

You don’t need to redecorate to incorporate green in your bedroom. In fact, even the subtlest clue is enough to reap its wellness benefits. Try adding olive green natural linen cushions or an emerald velvet armchair – this will work especially well if your existing arrangement is neutral or monochrome.

Noa Santos, founder of Nainoa Studio, understands how a touch of green can enhance any interior. “The moss green of the bench in this opulent bedroom draws the eye to the foot of the bed, then to the adjacent window and the green trees – and in so doing pushes the boundaries of the room outward, resulting in the feeling that the space is bigger. ‘


green bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Anna Stathaki)

If you’re struggling with where to start, stunning wallpaper is a great place to start and build your room plan. Fiona, of Fiona Duke Interiors, was immediately drawn to this William Morris print and skillfully places it in a cool gray palette.

“The whole room started with this inspiring and decorative wallpaper,” says Fiona. “We didn’t hold back and wanted to wrap the whole room in this iconic design that really makes the room sing. To embrace its bold pattern, we painted the ceiling and the top of the wall in a dark gray tone to match and resist the drama of the print, which brings the whole concept together.

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