Hellen Wendy: How a Canadian-based nurse drowns for the pool while doing Facebook live

Where is this photo from? Instagram/Hellen Wendy

A 24-year-old nurse, based in Canada, drowns after swimming in a swimming pool.

The incident happened on August 18.

Tori be Hellen Wendy, who works as a nurse for Toronto, dies while swimming and goes live for Facebook.

According to the video they are doing the rounds on social media, the Kenyan woman swam successfully for about 10 minutes before the tragedy.

Local report by tori pipo on kenya.co.ke At just 10:33 minutes after starting to record herself, Wendy begins to gasp.

And they make gurgling noises as they kick and scream.

At 11:54 minutes, she makes the last sound as the video goes silent and the water stills.

They discover her three hours later, the report adds.

Where is this photo from? Hellen Wendy/Instagram

What we call this photo,

24 year old nurse drowns for swimming pool

How hellen wendy daddy watch im pikin die for facebook live

For a tori pipo video for Nations in Kenya, Hellen dad says I don’t realize at first why the video is trending.

“I watched the clip on my phone. I see my daughter swimming excitedly. I didn’t see anything unusual,” he added.

“She’s just been swimming, talking to the camera, and she looks very happy. However, I see Usopp writing sad comments, and I don’t understand why they’re saying bad news, but she’s just swimming,” a- he also added.

I say there are a few final moments missing where Wendy drowns before the live footage goes silent.

Until the pesins of Canada call me to say I say I don’t die.

“Reality hit me when a Kenyan man from Canada called me and explained that my daughter had drowned as he documented for this sad clip while she was swimming. I am so shocked and I can’t stop crying,” he added.

Oga John adds that Wendy works as a nurse and being the first born is the hope of the family.

“She is our eldest daughter. She is traveling to Canada in 2018 and studying nursing. Wendy is my only hope.

“I find it difficult to teach her the spirit of my wife until she has the chance to travel abroad. Since then, she does not support us and even pays her own school fees.

“We’re not starting to gain stability. Now I’m not going back to square one,” Nyabuto said before collapsing.

Where is this photo from? Hellen Wendy/Instagram

What we call this photo,

24 year old nurse drowns for swimming pool

Hellen Wendy dad sells gear to help her move

According to her dad John Nyabuto Kiyondi, we are a retired teacher, Hellen Wendy is the sole breadwinner in her family.

I don’t mean his dad John Nyabuto Kiyondi sold Kisii gear to help him move to Canada.

Na di, a 24-year-old nurse, sends Moni home to take care of her.

Hellen does not help one of his brothers to join a university abroad

The deceased nurse moved to Canada in October 2018 after finishing high school.

John Nyabuto Kiyondi says the 24-year-old joined a pre-nursing school after a nursing degree.

“She is not learning and working part-time as a nurse. From the payments she sends money to her family for Kenya,” the grieving papa tok said.

Hellen bin helped her brother move house last year. As soon as the first born in the family of two boys and four girls moved abroad.

She helped her brother Enock Magara move, enroll in classes and pay school fees.

“The loss of our breadwinner and a glimmer of hope doesn’t break our hearts. I don’t even know what to do,” adds his mum Alice Oanda.

The Hellen family begs Moni to help bring her remains back to Kenya for Suneka’s burial.

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