Hit the slopes or the waves at Jay Peak Resort

So you are planning your winter trip as a family or as a couple and you have hit an important speed bump: some of you ski and others less.

Half of you want to hit the slopes; the others want to go to the beach.

So which side will be unhappy this year?

No more. Meet Jay Peak Resort, where you can both ski and surf.

The station (jaypeakresort.com) is located just south of the Canadian border in Jay, Vermont. A three and a half hour drive from Boston, Jay is totally doable.

And once you’re there, you’ll find that the resort really has something for everyone from snow lovers to those who live for everything but everything.

Immersed in the fun of snowy skiing at Jay Peak in Jay, Vermont. Photo Tim Fater, courtesy of Jay Peak Resort

They combined an awe-inspiring mountain with a vast expanse of terrain (their learning area is advertised, as is their expansive glades) and a giant, well-designed base area that includes a 50,000 square foot indoor water park, climbing walls, cinema and more.

Add ski-in / ski-out accommodation and you are ready for an all-in-one vacation. As this accommodation is located just below the main ski lifts, and slips next to the huge water park. It’s not uncommon to go for a day of snow bundled up in your ski gear and share the lift with someone in a swimsuit for a day at the park.

For the skier and the rider, Jay is heavenly. They regularly amass the most natural snowfall in the east. Some years, their total natural snowfall even beats the Rockies. Many seasons they stay open until May.

Jay is all about the natural, but they also maintain a lot of trails. Still, if you’ve never dreamed of skiing in the trees, this is the place to learn.

For those who head to Jay Peak Resort in Vermont for the slopes, they are a magnet for skiers and snowboarders. (Photo courtesy of Jay Peak Resort)

Many of Jay’s 81 official trails have places to jump and hit the woods – and the resort encourages it. A lesson with a pro will not only help you feel confident, but also point you to some of the best places to do it.

Jay struggled last year with the Canadian border closed, and this year, with testing requirements between the two countries, they may again have fewer visitors from the north. That’s good news for Americans: in a year when hill congestion seems like a thing, Jay should feel a little calmer.

Even when it is crowded it spreads out well for skiers and riders. It’s not often that you find yourself on a crowded trail, and that’s a good thing.

Those who are not part of Team Ski never miss opportunities to have fun.

The non-skier will never say “I’m bored” thanks to the Pumphouse at Jay Peak Resort. (Photo by Justin Cash, courtesy Jay Peak Resort)

The Pump House Water Park is the center of it all. There, non-skiers – and skiers who want a snow-free day on their trip – can take on the Double Barrel Flowrider, where they can learn to surf and bodyboard (lessons are available), the Big River, so named because Jay likes to say is anything but lazy, the deep water activity pool, where you can climb a rock face and if you fall, dive back into the pool, play basketball. and more.

Climbing is safe and fun thanks to the Clip and Climb Center at Jay Peak Resort in Jay, Vermont (Photo courtesy of Jay Peak Resort)

There is also a section for children.

Non-skiers can also try fat tire biking, Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, or noshing – the base area has a few great dining options, including Howie’s at the Stateside Hotel, where it’s almost a law. that Jay vacationers must savor the PIG Poutine.

And it’s not like you have to split for the week. With everything close at hand, skiers can rush out, change their outfits, and join their non-skier friends at the Pump House or other location.

Surf or ski? The answer is both to Jay Peak.

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