Hotel Terrestre is a solar-powered resort located on the Mexican coast of Oaxaca

Taller de Arquitectura X designed this group of concrete and mud villas, located on the Mexican coast, just outside the port city of Puerto Escondido.

With its stepped walls, low profile and cluster of brick towers, the Terrestrial Hotel looks like a futuristic interpretation of a mastaba. The architect’s use of handmade brick adds to this mix of contemporary and ancient, giving the impression that visitors have stumbled upon a ruin hidden in the scrubland.

Taller de Arquitectura X, led by architect Alberto Kalach designed the Oaxaca the 14 villas of the hotel to damage the landscape as little as possible. No trees or plants were removed during construction of the building, and TAX brought in new greenery to fill in otherwise empty spaces. The eco-hotel is entirely powered by solar energy, with the electrical system designed to reduce usage wherever possible. The rooms are cooled by innovative building techniques rather than air conditioning.

Interiors are deliberately bare, emphasizing the raw materials from which the hotel is built and the coastal views it enjoys — which guests can admire from the building’s glass-free openings. Each villa has its own garden, outdoor entertainment and swimming pool to maintain guests’ connection with the environment. Dinner is served outside in the Hôtel Terrestre’s open-air restaurant. Villas start at $450 per night.

Carretera Salina Cruz – Pinotepa, 71983 Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico

Photography: Fabian Martinez

Photography: Fabian Martinez

Photography: Fabian Martinez

Photography: Fabian Martinez

Photography: Fabian Martinez

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Oaxaca’s ancient cisterns and temples inspire this brutalist retreat in Puerto Escondido

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