“How are you, Biatches? – Captain Derek Jeter used to greet Batboys and attendants with this sassy remark

Easygoing former Yankees captain Derek Jeter had a great way to start a day at the clubhouse. The model of accuracy in the public eye was someone in the Yankees clubhouse who could bond with anyone around him.

Luis Castillo, the New York Yankees batboy from 1998-2005, revealed the side of players no one has ever seen before, in his memoir, “Confidential Clubhouse.”


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The memoirs included not only the players, but also team manager Joe Torre.

How did Derek Jeter start the day at the clubhouse?

The mood with which we start the day is the mood with which we stay the rest of the day. Consequently, Jeter always started the day with a careless and playful greeting. Work should be appreciated, and the shortstop really enjoyed his job playing on his dream team. And as captain, he did what he could to lighten the environment.

Gliding through batboys and attendants, Jeter used to greet everyone with, “How are you bitches?” »

It came as a shock to many who didn’t know Jeter, but it was his way of giving the day a head start.


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His laid-back personality of joking around and teasing people was not known to his fans, and Castillo’s memoir spoke highly of it to Jeter fans.

What was the tradition in the team?

There was a tradition in the team at that time. In this tradition, everyone was given nicknames by the team captain.


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And the batboy, Luis Castillo, was also dubbed by Captain Derek Jeter on his first day of membership.

When Luis was introduced to the captain and told him his name, Jeter said, ” Nope. That’s it! Your nickname is Squeegee… You look like a squeegee.

With that, he smiled and left Luis wondering why he had been given such a strange name and what was a raclette?


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These days, attendants sign a confidentiality agreement, so they can’t reveal such things about players in the game. But Castillo did it at the right time, and naturally, fans loved it.

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