How to strategically create a strong presence at the clubhouse

  • Clubhouse is a great way to showcase your brand and build good business relationships.
  • The platform is driven by creating authentic connections – not sales tactics.
  • Be strategic about the rooms you join and be prepared to give more than what you get.
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Did you get a Flag invite again? Once you are in this audio-only social club, you have the opportunity to showcase your business and improve your brand.

However, if you show up in a room and start to pitch a sales pitch, you’re going to turn people off.

What works best? Create authentic connections by sharing valuable information and building relationships. These tips will help you be a good Clubhouse participant and increase your credibility on the growing platform:

1. Give more than you get

No one comes to the Clubhouse hoping for a voice-only product presentation. People flock to this platform because they are looking for connection to an era of social distancing and isolation.

Make sure you focus on giving – sharing your expertise, being an interesting, non-commercial conversational partner. When you give back, you will increase your influence and attract more of the right people to your brand in the long run.

2. Be strategic

You don’t have unlimited hours during the day and want to make the most of your Clubhouse connection opportunities. Find out which rooms and conversations mean the most to you.

If there is a venue you plan to join, prepare an elevator pitch and a few key points. You don’t want to sound like a robot launching your product. Take the opportunity to stand out and press the button with your raised hand to request to be called on stage. Once on stage, focus on adding value, either by sharing ideas or providing comments and questions that enrich the conversation.

Your organic Clubhouse is another important space where strategy pays off. Focus on what you want to be known for, include what you do and who you are helping and all the basics. Optimize your bio so that it is both engaging and searchable. Use keywords related to your expertise to increase your visibility and generate visits to your profile.

3. Make connections

The big names that jump on Clubhouse get a lot of airtime: Oprah, Mark Cuban, Kevin Hart. Joining their discussions can be a good idea to see how top influencers are driving conversations or increasing engagement.

However, you can reap more benefits and make a bigger name for yourself if you nestle in it.

Instead of going to celebrity halls, focus on ones that are specific to your industry or region. You’ll meet people who can give you advice, provide referrals, and have a bigger impact on your overall brand.

4. Form a squad

There is a lot of love at the Clubhouse, as rooms and conversations are formed daily. Find a few people interested in similar topics and support each other.

You can join each other’s rooms or create collaborative round tables that add dimension to your offers.

For example, if you are a leadership development coach, you might consider having an energy management coach participate in one of your sessions to focus on building the energy and capacity of your team. . If you are a gym owner, you can partner with a local influencer who can talk about the value of personal training services.

If you associate with people whose audiences overlap with yours, you will both benefit and be able to better establish your worth within the community. You can also get permission from Clubhouse Room guests to share their comments (you must state this explicitly as a goal of your room), which you can reuse on other social channels.

5. Don’t do it all for you

Instead of approaching Clubhouse to create rooms and conduct conversations purely about your products or services, look for conversations where you can be an active and informed contributor and harness the power of collaboration and networking. Look for people or groups that interest you, whether they are in your area of ​​expertise or have a tangible connection.

When you engage in these conversations and provide useful information, you gain respect and develop thought leadership. You can find people contacting you to find out more about you because of the useful information you offer which gives you a chance to forge stronger links or share your products / services in a more organic way.

6. Migrate the right conversations to other platforms

If you really connect with the people in a room, find a way to connect with them outside of the Clubhouse as well. This can mean creating a strong value statement for yourself in your Clubhouse bio and linking your Instagram or Twitter account so they can find you.

When you are interested in what you have to say, capitalize on it and find ways to bring them to a stronger, more personal connection.

The best and greatest thing you can do at Clubhouse is sell yourself without over-selling yourself. Make yourself and your brand compelling to the people you interact with because you are well spoken, interesting and compelling.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and step out of your comfort zone. Take this tremendous opportunity to present yourself authentically, hone your pitch, and attract the kind of people you most want to work with or have as clients.

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