Huntey’s Clubhouse expands to Reed City

REED CITY – With a shortage of available child care centers across the country, area parents looking for quality child care will soon have another option.

Huntey’s Clubhouse, with locations in Big Rapids, Morley, and Howard City, will be opening a new location in Reed City in the old Doctor’s Office building at 4150 225th Ave.

“We looked to expand and came across this building in Reed City,” said co-owner Tyler Huntey. “It made a lot of sense as a daycare. It has plenty of bathrooms and enough square footage that it could be refurbished into a beautiful, spacious and high quality daycare.

The new facility will have nine rooms and a capacity of approximately 105 children aged 6 weeks to 5 years.

Huntey’s Clubhouse child care centers offer a developmental learning program, using a state-certified program, Huntey said.

“Teachers will have age-appropriate toys in their bedrooms that they can use to develop those particular milestones that match the child’s age,” Huntey said. “We get toys that are appropriate for each age and they are progressing in terms of development. In addition, our teachers are trained to enable this development and to monitor any developmental delay. If there is a child who is falling behind in some way, we have plans and procedures to help them catch up. “

Clubhouse offers all teacher training on the curriculum, as well as state child development associate certification training.

“Teachers don’t have to have any kind of preschool education, but it’s better,” Huntey said. “We pay our staff to get CDA training from the state. We just hope they enjoy working with children.”

Huntey’s Clubhouse started out around 30 years ago when owner Chris Huntey started caring for children in her home.

“Mom started watching the kids I went to school with at her house,” Huntey said. “Around 2008, we built a new house and she moved the daycare to the basement of the house. At one point, demand was so high that she opened the first daycare center in Morley across from the high school. “

Since then they have grown with locations in Big Rapids and Howard City. As a daughter, Alexis Cumings started working at the daycare four years ago, and her son Tyler recently joined the family business.

“I’ve lived in Detroit for seven years and returned to the area about six weeks ago,” Huntey said. “I quit my job in IT consulting to join my sister in the company. My mom still works a little in the daycare, but she has 10 grandchildren, so most of the time she spends time with the grandchildren.

Huntey said she felt she had done a good job providing quality child care and focused on expanding the business in the most responsible and logical way possible. They are looking to add locations in rural areas where there is a high demand for quality child care.

“We love the Lakeview area, as well as Cadillac,” Huntey said. “There is such a high demand for child care, and it all depends on where we can find that demand and find a suitable building. Anywhere within 50 miles of the Big Rapids area, we’re open.

The Reed City location is slated to open in the spring. An open house will be held before the opening to allow parents to tour the facility and meet the staff, Huntey said.

Parents interested in reserving a spot or wanting additional information can call 231-307-3037 or email [email protected]

Anyone interested in working at the facility is encouraged to call 231-307-3037.

A new updated website will be available soon at with information on all four facilities, program, staff and an FAQ page.

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