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VERONA, Italy, February 18, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The Italian Wine Club was the first foray into the Italian Wine Podcast Clubhouse platform, in the spring of 2021. In July, Ambassadors’ Corner was born. Every Thursday, Italian Wine Ambassadors from the Vinitaly International Academy are invited to select their favorite Italian wine producer and interview them live on Clubhouse. In direct opposition to the conventional wisdom that 5 seconds is the window to grab listeners’ attention, Ambassadors’ Corner is an intentional deep dive into personal conversations, in a raw fireside chat style. These hour-long conversations surprised everyone with their alluring ability to bring together and connect the wine community, enabling listeners to become de facto ambassadors of Italian wine in their own right.

The power of Clubhouse lies in its high audio quality which allows recordings to be reused and reach more people over a much longer period of time. The Italian Wine Podcast hosts the Ambassadors Corner recordings on its podcast platform and website, making these intimate conversations available to a wide community of wine lovers around the world. Over 30 episodes, the episodes of the Ambassadors’ Corner collect on average more than 4000 listens per conversation. Over the past 9 months, these one-on-one calls between Certified Ambassadors and their choice of Italian producers have created a unique atmosphere where true wine lovers have the opportunity to listen to open, honest and genuine conversations that cover everything from vineyards to wines to family tradition and future aspirations.

The appeal of Ambassadors’ Corner conversations is their different point of view. Not a business conversation, not a wine tasting conversation, but rather an in-depth look into each producer’s private world, their family, their home, their vines and their wines. Common themes are the special properties associated with place and history, the constant passion for Italian wine shared by hosts and guests, and the clear desire to spread the richness and joy of the Italian wine world as far as possible, in the most accessible places. , warm and welcoming.

The 30th episode saw the Italian Wine Ambassador Julie Farker discuss with Amanda Courtney, guide and speaker specialist in Piedmont who works with more than 200 producers to offer her foreign clients the best possible experience of the region and all its specialities. Other conversations include discussions with Ilaria Tachisdaughter of the late oenologist Giacomo TachisStefano Chiarlo, Arianna Occhipinti, Rocco Toscaniand other producers from all over Italy.

By repurposing recorded live interviews and streaming them to the Italian Wine podcast and website for on-demand listening, it is possible to continue to facilitate the conversation. To listen to this series of authentic, unscripted conversations, find all the episodes on Italian Wine Podcast wherever you are, or on the web at

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