Letter to the Editor: Peak 7 should not be designated as a resort area in the county plan

A resort area designation for Peak 7 is a no-brainer for the obvious amenities it has.

The day begins after the frequent concerts and entertainment of the nearby short-term rentals. Then get ready with the amazing water and sewer lines that bring and take our liquids, as one real estate agent mentioned. A real convenience in today’s world!

Force day! And on the driveway for the start of the 3 mile car to park in the not so close complex. Can’t figure out where they hid the sidewalks or the bus stop amenities on peak 7. Fingers crossed everyone remembered their Blizzaks and no longer blocking the road, or worse , hit a pedestrian, who is rising sharply and walking in a large group side by side on the other amenity that we have on Peak 7: the slip and slide. You know, the roads that are narrow, blind curves, steep, snowy and icy.

Safe on my way, I’m bumper to bumper with the cars of the 10 out of 22 homes that are short term rentals on my unmanned quarter-mile dead end road. But hey, I get to know them in the crowded, grid-blocked, exhaust-filled air that we add on our travels to and from the city – the city we go to for amenities that are a criterion for a resort area.

Summit County Council of Commissioners: Please do not make Peak 7 a resort area. It does not help your goal of stopping the loss of manpower, easing tensions between neighbors, reducing the commercial and residential mix or achieving the always important goal that the board of directors has. adopted in the Climate Action Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Let areas of town closest to amenities house short-term rentals, like the planned 150 units of Breckenridge Grand Vacations.

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