Maharashtra: Unaccounted Rs 6 crore spent on Neta complex, IT department says | Bombay News

MUMBAI: The Income Tax (Investigation) Wing said on Thursday it found evidence during a recent search that Rs 6 crore in cash had been spent on the construction of a compound owned by a prominent politician in Dapoli in Ratnagiri district, which was not counted. The IT also said the family of a state government officer along with close relatives had acquired 100 acres of land over the past seven years and held ownership of several business establishments. IT is investigating these establishments for tax evasion.
The IT issued a press note in which it did not name the politician or civil servant. IT sources, however, said the politician referred to was state transport minister Anil Parab and the government official was deputy regional transport officer (RTO) Bajrang Kharmate.
Recently, IT had raided the premises of Kharmate, a cable operator Sadanand Kadam and a CA linked to Parab. During the search of 26 premises in Mumbai, Pune, Sangli, Ratnagiri, IT seized Rs 66 lakh in cash, digital data and documentary evidence.
Parab had entered into a land deal with cable operator Sadanand Kadam, brother of former Shiv Sena minister Ramdas Kadam, in Ratnagiri for the construction of the station.
The IT note said: “Evidence found during the search revealed that construction of the complex commenced in 2017 and over Rs 6 crore was spent in cash on construction…The cost of construction.. .was also not accounted for by the wanted person or the politician in their books of accounts.” The note further stated that the politician bought a plot of land in Dapoli in 2017 for Rs 1 crore but had it registered in 2019. The land was later sold to one of the people targeted by the search action (Sadanand Kadam) in 2020 for Rs. 1.1 crore. By this time they had built the resort on the land.
Anil Parab said: “I sold the land to Kadam some time ago. Despite this, people associate me again and again. I have already filed a libel suit in the High Court against those who deliberately dragged my name into controversial grounds.” People close to Kadam said he provided payment details for building the complex to IT managers.
The computer note read: “It appears that the relevant facts regarding the construction…have not been disclosed to the registration authorities and, therefore, the stamp duty has only been paid for the registration from the field on both occasions, in 2019 and 2020”.
While raiding the premises of RTO MP Bajrang Kharmate, the IT found that his family members as well as relatives had amassed wealth in the form of properties in major localities of Pune, Sangli and Baramati over the past last ten years.
The Kharmate family along with close relatives own a bungalow and a farmhouse in Pune, a farmhouse in Tasgaon, two bungalows in Sangli, two shopping complexes having showrooms in Tanishq and Carat Lane, five apartments at different locations in Pune, a apartment in Navi Mumbai, vacant plots in Sangli, Baramati, Pune and over 100 acres of farmland acquired over the past seven years. The family owns many businesses in civil construction, real estate and pipe manufacturing.
The IT examines the source of the funds spent on the interior of the shops and bungalows.
The computer discovered that one of Kharmate’s relatives ran a construction company that had obtained state contracts. IT found inflation in contract spend through bogus purchases and sub-contracts worth Rs 27 crore. The IT also found evidence related to an unaccounted receipt of Rs 2 crore from the sale of land in Baramati. Kharmate would not be directly linked to Parab, but works in the Ministry of Transport which he heads.

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