Meverly Adjhei Benjamin Twum-Barimah of the FIT Resort Foundation supports underprivileged children and street children in Ghana

Meverly Adjhei Benjamin Twum-Barimah founder and CEO of FIT Resort BV

FIT Resort Foundation

FIT Resort Foundation

Building and operating a successful charity can be as difficult as running a lucrative business.

Post-pandemic stress with record recession and inflation is forcing many young people to earn a living on the streets rather than through university education and conventional career paths.

—Meverly Adjhei Benjamin Twum-Barimah

THE HAGUE, SOUTH HOLLAND, NETHERLANDS, August 23, 2022 / — You need to set the right goals and strategies early on to help you run the organization and attract more people to support your vision.

Meverly Adjhei Benjamin Twum-Barimah is an entrepreneur, author and business and finance consultant from The Hague, the Netherlands. Despite her difficult beginnings in early childhood and being raised by a single immigrant mother from Ghana, she found the power to walk the path of social justice and began a career in law. Meverly became a published author after turning her negative emotions into writing. This is after a bitter fallout with her ex-husband, leading to a divorce. His two books include My Dreams and Chaos of Brexit: The Majority Carrys the Vote.

Currently, Meverly is pursuing a Ph.D. in Banking, Finance and Law specializing in Anti-Money Laundering Compliance from the University of Wolverhampton in the UK. She also has a mission to reduce poverty through financial literacy, teaching and mentoring youth on money management. Throughout his career in finance, Meverly witnessed the surprising popularity of youth crime due to economic strains and financial difficulties at home. “Due to the combination of post-pandemic stress with the recession and unprecedented inflation, many young people are choosing to make a living on the streets rather than pursuing college education and conventional career paths. Many have bad role models to copy,” says Meverly.

Due to criminal activities, young people are deprived of access to insurance, housing and other essentials due to their criminal records, which negatively affects them for the rest of their lives. “I overcame financial difficulties and worked hard to establish myself in the legal and financial sector, which is often closed to disadvantaged young people and still very male-dominated,” adds Meverly.

Meverly is also the founder and CEO of FIT Resort BV, an organization aimed at providing underprivileged and street children with food, shelter, medicine and access to better opportunities in life. Committed to the fight against poverty, she joined forces with her husband, Samuel Twum-Barimah, who is trained as a football consultant and started a non-profit organization, FIT Resort Foundation LBG in Ghana, in 2021. Currently, the foundation is focused on humanitarian aid and the organization of tournaments to bring the Ghanaian community together. Meverly and Samuel have a broad vision for FIT Resort Foundation LBT and are looking to expand it to other countries on the African continent and beyond.

The vision bearers of FIT Resort BV believe that every child matters and should not be excluded from society, regardless of their circumstances. Therefore, FIT Resort Foundation LBG is a beacon of hope for children and an inspiration for all generations. Meverly Adjhei Benjamin Twum-Barimah aims to achieve these goals by setting and observing the values ​​as it expands its reach in the world. In addition, Meverly creates favorable circumstances for these children by stimulating and directing their future to become leaders. She believes we can help them make a difference in this world.

Although FIT Resort Foundation LBG initially focused on football, the goal is to give hope to people from diverse backgrounds by providing financial assistance or promoting talent. “We create tournaments to expose the young talents of African youth by socializing them and helping them financially. To support FIT Resort Foundation LBG, there is a link to the crowdfunding platform where people can donate any amount,” says Meverly. The founders of the FIT Resort Foundation LBG plan to reach a wider global audience to develop and support as much talent as possible.

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