Miromar Lakes Beach & Golf Club celebrates another award-winning year

What makes a community the best?

At Miromar Lakes Beach & Golf Club, it’s the rare combination of boating, beaches and world-class golf in one luxurious location. It’s a 365 day a year social experience where meeting new best friends is a daily occurrence and Mondays are celebrated at the same caliber as Saturdays. It’s the ineffable feeling of knowing that this day will be like no other… and that the evening will be just as special. And it will be the same tomorrow and the next day, and the next…

“There is something to cross through the entrance to Miromar Lakes,” says Linda Hamilton of Ohio. “Seeing that fountain and walking through the gate and seeing the lake, it relaxes us. The landscaping, it’s neat. It feels like you’re entering a resort, that you should be on vacation instead of doing all the follies of our life.It has an elegant feel but a relaxed feel.It’s casual elegance.

“We needed something that was open every night. The Blue Water Beach Grill is simply delicious. On Friday nights we go to the Beach Club and sit at a high table around the bar and bring our friends and sit on the terrace by the beach. We haven’t left the property for dinner in two years. Because what? Why go out and fight the crowds? You can’t beat it here, everything is close at hand.

“We have a friend who is a photographer. He always brings his camera and takes these beautiful pictures. He calls Miromar Lakes eye candy.

Florida’s Jay Russo adds, “It’s amazing. When you go to the pool and the Beach Clubhouse, you feel like you are in the Turks and Caicos Islands. There are no words, it’s breathtaking.

“I like the way they do golf, tennis, but it’s not just that. It’s the lifestyle, the lake, the social scene. It’s really, ‘We are where you want to be.’ You can’t beat this saying.

Renowned for its lifestyle, luxury homes, landscaping and location, Miromar Lakes continues to stand out as the best. For 40 years since the National Association of Home Builders has run an awards program, it is the only community in Florida to have won the prestigious Gold Award as the #1 community in the United States – the highest title in the country. . Miromar Lakes is also the only community to have received Gold Awards for Community #1 and Clubhouse #1.

Miromar Lakes’ commitment to excellence is represented by over 200 awards recognizing all that this special community offers – a beautiful setting with a 700 acre freshwater lake, 3 miles of white sand beach and the only Southwest Florida’s Arthur Hills Signature Championship golf course, plus stunning Grand Estate and Estate Homes, Golf Villas, five-star amenities, a vibrant social lifestyle and much more!

The Collier and Lee County Building Associations continue to recognize Miromar Lakes.

Last November, the Lee Building Industry Association presented Miromar Lakes with the Pinnacle Grand Award for Residential Developer of the Year for the 10th time. It is the most prestigious award given by the Lee Building Industry Association. Miromar Lakes also received the award for Best Landscaping.

Earlier last fall, the Collier Building Industry Association presented the Sand Dollar Awards to Miromar Lakes.

Honors included Community of the Year, $1 Million+, for the sixth consecutive time, and Best Landscaping for Homes $1 Million+. This was for the north entrance, which also features the “New Beginnings” sculpture.

At Miromar Lakes, the extraordinary happens every day. Residents say Miromar Lakes had them “hello”.

“I love everything,” says Derbyshire bf Helene from Toronto, Canada. “It’s very friendly. It is a very young and very active community. I play tennis and golf. We love the social part. We spend a lot of time at the Blue Water Beach Grill and love the activities like New Years Eve Galas and Welcome Back parties. al “The landscaping is beautiful. The attention to detail, you can tell there is a lot of care for the place and you get that feeling as you walk around the fountains.

The bushes are pruned so straight. You can say this is a five star hotel. When you walk through the doors, you say, “I’m home. “

Paula Tichenor-Wheeler of Kentucky said she and her husband Mark first thought they were on the Gulf of Mexico.

“We toured the Miromar Lakes, toured the amenities, the Beach Clubhouse and the Blue Water Beach Grill and before even looking at any property my husband was like, ‘This is it.’”

Estate and grand estate homes, beach homes, and golf villas at Miromar Lakes range from $2 million to over $10 million and are nestled along the lake, beach, or golf course . ¦

Discover your award-winning lifestyle by visiting Miromar Lakes Sales Gallery M2 at 10160 Miromar Lakes Blvd., Miromar Lakes, Florida; by calling (239) 425-2340 or (877) 809-9444; or by logging on to Miromarlakes.com.

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