Mom moose swims in a backyard pool in Spokane, Washington

A mom moose surprised residents of Spokane, Washington when she was seen swimming in their pool.

momentum wandered into a yard with her two babies to “Enjoy the fruit trees” there, according to a Facebook post from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. She ended up in the pool by accident, according to the post.

Luckily, the mom could hit the bottom of the pool so she wouldn’t be in danger, according to the post.

Then, when a wildlife sergeant nudged her with a pool skimmer, “she got the hint, moved to the shallow end, climbed up and went over the fence and has returned to the wild,” the post said.

In 2015, about 5,000 moose were estimated to live in Washington state, according to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife website.

The state Department of Fish and Wildlife advises the public with fruit trees — and who don’t have a large fence — to collect fallen fruit and run a line of reflective material to discourage animals.

The state Department of Fish and Wildlife’s website urges the public never to feed a moose because “moose that are fed by people often become aggressive when not fed as intended.”

Spokane is about 300 miles east of Seattle.

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