Mustang Spotlight: Nicholas Mok — Men’s Golf

Story by: Catie Logan, Cal Poly Athletics Communications

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. – Prior to attending Cal Poly, Nicholas Moksophomore in red shirt on the golf team, served two years in the Singapore Army.

Mok’s parents studied at the University of Oklahoma and then moved back to Singapore after graduation. Mok was born and raised in Singapore.

Before going to college, Mok was to serve in the Singapore Infantry Regiment, the largest formation in the Singapore Army.

While serving, Mok found ways to maintain his golf skills. The first few months were tough for him as he was in basic training or bootcamp. During all this time, he had only one break, from Saturday morning to Sunday evening, each week. After a long week of training, Mok was trying to hit the driving range.

For the next three months, Mok’s training intensified as he trained to become an infantry soldier. As in previous months, he made an effort to go to the golf course on weekends as often as possible for a few hours.

Once practice was over, Mok’s schedule became more regular. He was off Friday night and didn’t have to return to camp until Sunday night. He trained at the range on Saturdays and at the golf course on Sundays. Also, every random day that Mok was free, he trained.

Nicholas went on to explain how disciplined military life is compared to everyday life. Not only the physical training was an important aspect, but also the mental training. “Everyone is going to get tired during training or drills, but it’s what you believe in your mind that pulls you through. It was a very eye-opening experience for me.” he said.

Mok explained how much he enjoyed the company of the friends he met during his service. After their service, he and five friends traveled to Bali in February 2019 for a week. They explored the island and relaxed.

Nicholas says he chose Cal Poly because of its academic rigor and prestigious reputation. He mentioned a fellow Singaporean who inspired him to join the team: Jesse Yap, a former Cal Poly golfer. Nicholas praised the Californian climate which allows him to play golf almost every day. He also noted that Cal Poly had improved the golf program citing donations made to build the golf club at Dairy Creek Golf Course. “All of these reasons are why Cal Poly is a perfect fit for me,” says Mok.

Mok is a business administration major focusing on information systems.

Nicholas MokNicholas praised the welcome and friendliness of everyone in San Luis Obispo. “Everyone asks how your day is going.” He compared the massive city of Singapore as being faster. He also noted the hot and humid weather he left behind in Singapore.

Mok says the practice environment at Cal Poly Golf is conducive to improvement and winning. At Dairy Creek they can train whenever they want. The wind from their training center helps prepare them for windy waterside venues. The clubhouse is an added bonus for the team to hang out and improve.

He acknowledged how coaches know how to improve their game and skills.

Mok recalled how going to Honolulu, Hawaii for the Hoakalei Colligate Invitational has been a highlight of his college career so far. He enjoyed visiting historic Peral Harbor and seeing the USS Missouri Memorial.

Nicholas’ goal for this season is to help his team win the Big West Conference title. “I know golf is an individual sport, but being able to accomplish something as a team would be much more rewarding. Seeing the hard work we put in and being rewarded for it.”

Mok has three career top-20 finishes with ten laps or better, including two laps in the 60s in his Mustang career.

The Mustangs are on the road at the El Macero Classic from Wednesday, April 20 through Friday, April 22 with an 8 a.m. tee time all three days.

Photos courtesy of Nikolas Mok/Cal Poly Athletics

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