New Halloween Pins, Obi-Wan Kenobi Pins, ‘Bambi’ 80th Anniversary Pins and More at Disneyland Resort

Pin collectors can find new Halloween pins, “Star Wars” pins, “Bambi” pins and more at Disneyland Resort this month. We found new pins at 20th Century Music Co., Disney Showcase and Plaza Point at Disneyland, and Pin Traders at Downtown Disney District.

Limited Edition Mickey Mouse: Peter Pan’s Flight Pin Main Attraction – $29.99

Mickey is dressed in an outfit inspired by the blue night sky on this brooch inspired by the flight of Peter Pan, which is part of the Mickey Mouse Collection: The Main Attraction.

pin mickey peter pan 081936

Limited Edition Disney Character Gift Boxes “Zootopia” Pins – $19.99

Pin Disneyland 8.22 081602

This character gift set lapel pin is inspired by “Zootopia” characters and includes a carrot pen, Zootopia PD badge, red ice cream, and sunglasses.

Limited Edition Snow White Princess Tea Party Lapel Pin – $19.99

Pin Disneyland 8.22 081615

This new Princess Tea Party double brooch is inspired by Snow White. The teapot looks like her yellow, blue and red dress, with a wooden handle. The teacup is brown with blue and red accents, sitting on a light brown saucer with white flowers. They are connected by a silver chain.

Limited Release “Bambi” 80th Anniversary Family Pin – $17.99

Pin Disneyland 8.22 081647

This brooch represents Bambi with his mother and father.

Limited Release “Bambi” 80th Anniversary Poster Pin – $17.99

Pin Disneyland 8.22 081713

This brooch looks like a poster of the movie “Bambi” in a frame made of sticks. An 80th anniversary medallion sits in one corner.

Limited Edition “Bambi” 80th Anniversary Spinner Lapel Pin – $19.99

Pin Disneyland 8.22 081659

This pin rotates, showing Bambi, Thumper and Flower as adults on one side and as children on the other.

Pin Disneyland 8.22 082045

It also has an 80th anniversary medallion on the bottom.

Limited Edition “Bambi” 80th Anniversary Youth Lapel Pin – $19.99

Pin Disneyland 8.22 081735

Young Bambi watches a butterfly on his tail on this pin.

Limited Release Disney Designer Doll Rapunzel Pin – $34.99

Pin Disneyland 8.22 081824

This brooch looks like the Rapunzel Disney Designer Collection Doll.

Pin Disneyland 8.22 081840

The transparent front opens, like a presentation box.

Pin Disneyland 8.22 081855

The packaging includes information about the creator, Tetsunosuke Saiki.

The above pins were all from Pin Traders.

Mickey Halloween Pin – $9.99

Pin Disneyland 8.22 094020

Mickey is dressed as a jack-o’-lantern full of candy on this brooch.

Minnie Halloween Pin – $9.99

Pin Disneyland 8.22 094032

Minnie is dressed as a purple cat.

Castle Halloween Pin – $9.99

Pin Disneyland 8.22 094157

Sleeping Beauty’s castle is dark blue-purple and surrounded by skulls, ghosts, and other spooky images on this Pin.

We found the three Halloween pins above at Plaza Point, Disney Showcase, and 20th Century Music Co. The rest of the Halloween pins were only found at the latter two stores.

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Donald Halloween Pin Set – $17.99

Pin Disneyland 8.22 094043

Donald is dressed as a piece of candy corn, spooked by a second pin of a ghost wearing Mickey ears.

Daisy Halloween Pin – $9.99

Pin Disneyland 8.22 094056

Daisy has a spider-inspired outfit, with spiders hanging from her cobweb sleeves.

Goofy Halloween Pin – $9.99

Pin Disneyland 8.22 094122

Goofy is dressed as a creepy orange tree and also has a spider hanging from him.

Halloween Pluto Pin – $9.99

Pin Disneyland 8.22 094139

Pluto emerges from a purple cauldron.

Winnie the Pooh Halloween Pin Set – $29.99

Pin Disneyland 8.22 094302

Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet are all ready for trick or treating in this brooch set.

Limited Release Obi-Wan Kenobi Pin – $17.99

Disneyland pin 8.22 100347

This circular brooch features an image of Obi-Wan’s face and a smaller image of Obi-Wan and Darth Vader locked in combat.

Limited Release Obi-Wan Kenobi Pin – $17.99

Pin Disneyland 8.22 100400

Obi-Wan looms with his lightsaber on this red-orange pin.

Limited Release Obi-Wan Kenobi Brooch Set – $29.99

Pin Disneyland 8.22 100446

This set includes three pins, one depicting Obi-Wan, one depicting Vader, and depicting them fighting.

“Star Wars” Cantina Lapel Pin – $17.99

Pin Disneyland 8.22 1013050

This large brooch has several characters gathered around the “Star Wars” Cantina group from “A New Hope”.

Marvel Heroes Halloween Pin – $9.99

Disneyland pin 8.22 100941

This pin reads “Happy Halloween” above several cartoon images of Marvel heroes Black Panther, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Ant-Man, and The Wasp. Candies and bats are around them.

Marvel Villains Halloween Pin – $9.99

Disneyland pin 8.22 100956

Thanos, the Green Goblin, and Loki are “Creepin’ it real” with candy on this pin.

The Haunted Mansion Ghost Portraits Mystery Pin Set – $17.99

Disneyland pin 8.22 101011

This set includes ten ghost portrait brooches.

Disneyland pin 8.22 101014

Each pin features a different character from Haunted Mansion in black and white.

Disneyland pin 8.22 101017

Characters include Hatbox Ghost, Hitchhiking Ghosts, Bridge, and Caretaker.

Pin Disneyland 8.22 101019
Disneyland pin 8.22 101020
Disneyland pin 8.22 101027

Each box contains two randomly selected pins.

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