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May is traditionally when the Augusta National Golf Club closes for the summer, with the seasonal club closing before the Georgia heat becomes too much to bear. It’s also, unsurprisingly, that you may start to see some of the off-season working club officials who have scheduled the course to start to kick off. The same goes for any upgrades that might be in store for the club’s facilities, with the aim being to have everything done before the club reopens in October.

Perhaps the most notable change spotted in the photos is in an article dated May 28. In the image you can see the section of a clubhouse that officially housed the demolished member’s pro shop.

It’s unclear exactly what will replace the old structure. Augusta National president Fred Ridley made no reference to any planned off-season work for the clubhouse during his pre-tournament press conference at the Masters in April (he was also not interviewed about this, and the club generally does not volunteer information on these matters).

In addition to the construction of the club’s infrastructure, there are a few posts that also document the work being done on two holes.

Here’s an overhead showing parts of the 15th par-5 under construction as well as areas around the green on the 17th par-4:

Likewise, the details of what is happening in either hole are unclear.

As more work is potentially done during the summer months, you can bet Eureka Earth will be “done”.

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