Oklahoma Co. Sheriff’s Office to Present New Information on Cold Case

The Oklahoma County Cold Affairs Task Force released new information on a homicide at 25 on Wednesday.

Edward Earl Trotter Jr. was last seen alive 25 years ago today. Her family is still looking for answers.

County’s new Cold Case task force is expected to share new information in hopes of shutting down Trotter’s family

Trotter’s body was discovered on June 19, 1996. His father found it near a wooded area in Jones.

According to the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office, a day later, lab technicians returned to the scene and found shotgun pellets and cotton wool that appeared to have fallen from Mr. Trotter’s body while ‘it was breaking down.

The medical examiner’s office said it also found shotgun pellets in Trotter’s torso.

A search warrant for the property revealed drug paraphernalia, small amounts of marijuana, and weapons, which were confiscated by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

The sheriff’s office said law enforcement had questioned many people, but with no crime scene, no murder weapon and no clear cause, no arrests were made.

We are waiting to learn new information about the weapon and what was found inside the house.

Trotter’s daughter is also expected to ask the audience for help in finding answers.

The new Cold Case task force that has uncovered new information is made up of law enforcement professionals who spend their free time investigating unsolved homicides.

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