“Poetic Taizhou with Four Seasons of Heat” Global Promotion Event

The four seasons in Taizhou are warm and poetic. In spring, there is green on the south bank of the Yangtze River and the scent of peaches and willows; in summer, there are 100 miles of riverbanks and 10,000 mu of lotus ponds; in autumn there are rice flowers everywhere and golden ginkgo trees; in winter, this is the best time to feed and feed.

Spring scenes

As March approaches, the colza buds begin to appear, and the duo fields gradually turn golden. In the Xinghua Thousand Stacks Scenic Area, whenever the flowers bloom, look around, the view is full of vividness, and the waves move with the wind to form a golden ocean. Taoyuan takes its name from the peach tree and has over 3,600 peach blossoms of over 100 species. In March, the peach blossoms bloom one after the other, forming a beautiful picture with the fresh and colorful colors and the pink walls and tiles. The cherry blossoms on the shore of Lake Tianlu are like clouds and mist, burning with greed; Taizhou Technical and Vocational University cherry blossom petals fly with the wind like dreams. In the garden of the Wenchang Pavilion in the city center, cherry blossoms and old buildings complement each other. The unscrupulous beauty is undeniable and adds an air of ancient elegance to the city. New willow shoots on both sides of Qin Lake are starting to grow, giving the city its first touch of greenery in spring. In Lizhong Water Forest in Xinghua, the trees are heavily covered with bird nests, and the birds chirp as they are newly opened with lush green shadows. The thin, drooping branches drifted gently with the wind, disturbing the spring water of a lake.

Earth in April, the daylight is slightly drenched, step by step, full of endless lines of sight. The camellias of the ancient city of Qintong are red despite the harsh winter, and the vast Qin Lake attracts hundreds of migrating birds. While walking along the Fengcheng River, I heard Fenglou’s blessing bell ringing. Kong Shangren’s “Peach Blossom Fan” is staged in Chen An’s Aquatic Pavilion, while “Drunken Concubine” floats out of Meiyuan’s pink wall. Kunqu Opera and Peking Opera, with traditional Chinese musical instruments, echoed in the distance, intoxicating in the crimson of Taoyuan and the spring water of Meiyuan. When you walk around Taizhou Meilanfang Memorial, the spring breeze is gentle, the flower branches sway gently, and you can smell the garden scent. Red plums, white plums and pink plums are grouped together in a beautiful contrast with the surrounding pavilions. Yongding Expressway roses form a wall of flowers along the isolation fence between the residences on Zhonglou Lane. Clusters of roses bloom in front of Zhonglou Lane.

Summer beauty

As we leave the world of rivers and streams, summer is full of colors. The ecological corridor along the Yangtze River in Taizhou follows the river breeze, and the Chunjiang Huayueye Park on the bank of the Gaogang River is a good place to enjoy the coolness while exercising on summer nights.

The Taixing Yangtze River Ecological Corridor is a chain of thousands of greenery. A swamp park and a water bridge were built. More and more people are visiting this place to see the river scenery, feel the river breeze and hear the river waves. Seen from the sky, the shore of the Jingjiang Yangtze River in the ecologically restored mucheng province looks like an emerald necklace. Mucheng Ecological Park stands like a pearl on the riverside, where the river water and green plants are intimately linked, and the river breeze blows with cool water vapor.

With the water surrounding the city, the cool water vapor and the color of the clear water, no matter how hot summer is, it won’t be difficult to stay cool. Qin Lake, the first wetland park in Jiangsu Province, is a Level 5A National Scenic Site. The flowing rivers lead people to a calm and serene place.

Fengqi Lake in Gaogang is adjacent to the temple, the temple bell in the morning and the drum in the evening, the Zen spirit is calm. After the drizzle, the clothes got wet. It is nice to take a walk by the lake during the summer and the water is refreshing.

In 2019, Taizhou completed 36,000 mu of reforestation in the city. People’s East Road, on the town’s riverside, is particularly conducive to horse-pressing and has a reputation as a “lovers’ route”. Decades of roadside trees provide abundant shade, filtering heat and reducing summer heat. Xinghua Li Zhong Water Forest is the largest man-made ecological forest in the province. Under the scorching sun, the greenery that had been watered looked even more lush. The faint greenery, the escaping freshness, resembled a gurgling stream under the bamboo raft that permeated the skin. and is a popular location for many photographers. It is located in Xinghua, with an area of ​​1,200 acres of endless lotus leaves and blooming lotus flowers. Driving in a boat, the lotus wind is refreshing and the lotus scent is tangy. The water is long, the green is long, and the artistic conception is like “straying into the depths of lotus flowers” described by Li Qingzhao.

Autumn charm

During the fall season in Taizhou, the most beautiful colors abound. In the golden autumn of October, the rice was fragrant. The breeze blew a layer of golden waves. In Herb Bay, Lake Tiande and along the Phoenix River, vast expanses of pink grass are in full bloom and the autumn breeze blows through spikes of pink flowers swaying with them like smoke and sand. More than 1,000 mu of marigolds planted in the central area of ​​the Xinghua Thousand Stacks Scenic Area were in bloom, and the sea of ​​sunflowers from Fengjia Village, Xilai Town, Jingjiang Town entered into its best observation period and is vigilant in the sun. As you walk through the streets of Taizhou, you can see red fruits of luan branches everywhere. She, like a string of bells, and like a small lantern, presents the “color of autumn” which is prosperous, adding a special charm to the city.

Taizhou’s autumn blue sky has beautiful white clouds. with white clouds like cotton wool, and Taizhou city is especially beautiful under blue sky and white clouds. The “Crystal Sky” of Taizhou is the result of an increasingly better ecological environment. As the autumn sun sets in Taizhou, the sky is enhanced with beautiful clouds and the city is enveloped in golden yellow at dusk.

Winter preservation

Spring dawns, summer grows, the fall harvests and winter preserves. During this time of year, health and nutrition are important. In the early morning, a Taizhou morning tea that awakens the taste buds can bring all the vitality to the day. On this ordinary day, the ordinary can turn into a poetic delight.

It is white as milk, fatty but not fatty, fresh but not fishy. By spreading the fresh and creamy noodles on the tasty fish soup, the delicious taste envelops the hearts of the guests, bringing a feeling of full heat to our body. With its nearly 200-year history, Jingjiang Crab Meat Soup Buns has been featured in “Bite of China”. The soup bag is snow white and crystal clear, it has a very thin skin, and it is almost transparent. With a slight movement, you can see the soup inside swaying gently, and it has a delicate feel that can be broken by blowing.

Winter days are perfect for lounging in a hot spring water pool, letting the sweltering heat relax your body and soothe your mood. Its unique “Sanyuan Hot Spring” emerges from 1,800 meters of wetlands. There are 50 separate pools scattered among the flowers and trees, and there are plenty of quirky ways to bathe in the springs.

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