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Captain Jack is a “nine aft” walker …

Definition of the golf geek: The “back nine” is the last nine holes of a golf course that “bring” you back to the clubhouse.

Our regular walk takes about 19 minutes, and the halfway point is really a bend in the neighborhood park. For some reason, Captain Jack – my precocious Jack Russell terrier – started the “first nine” of our walks with a sizzle and a concerned air.

He seems to be mostly interested in moving across the street, checking out what’s behind him, and being completely distracted by the sights and smells around him. Anyone watching me would think I was trying to ‘dognap’ him as I was literally training him.

Then we hit the park …

And we start what I call now, our back nine marching. Jack becomes a sprinter. That’s all I can do to keep up. He is no longer distracted by anything. It is as if his total concentration is to strut at top speed to the clubhouse (home).

It looks like 2021 has started for most businesses with similar spitting and distractions. While the vaccine showed promise, COVID was still wreaking havoc in the regions, so ambiguity and apprehension was still widespread.

Well we are now moving to 2021 and it is time to walk nine times.

The distribution of the vaccine in the United States is indisputable. Any adult who wants to be fully immunized has already done so or is being treated. By mid-June, all of Washington state will be “open,” allowing for increased availability and reduced mask requirements.

While “normal” no longer applies – and for that matter, we may never see a “normal” again – all companies that have survived the challenge should step up to the sprint to the next level. end of 2021.

Here are four ideas to help you strut your stuff before entering the clubhouse:

Have a short memory. For any of you who continue to simmer government (local, state, or federal), stop. If you’re still cranky about face mask demands or other perceived inconveniences, stop. For anyone who still harbors resentment for everything that has happened in the past 16 months, get over it.

Negative thinking is as insidious as positive thinking is healthy.

Let go of the negative things that you cannot control and that are now a thing of the past. Just as they may have been distractions on the top nine of 2021, they need to be completely eliminated to ensure positive results.

Build on what you have learned. I’ve heard countless examples of really smart business owners and entrepreneurs who have improved their businesses by creating new products, services and programs to build loyalty and increase growth.

What have you done really well in the past year and a half that you weren’t doing before COVID?

Will you continue to deliver your products or offer curbside pickup because your customers love it? Have you added a chat feature to your website that has increased communications with customers? What about using technology to add videos and videoconferences that save everyone’s precious time?

One of the things I’ve heard often is that video conferencing is more effective because everyone is increasingly trying to stay on time by eliminating all the distractions that have forced in-person meetings to have to go. last long.

Find out what worked and find ways to make it even better.

Protect yourself and your business. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that nothing is out of place when it comes to potential calamities. We have all worked so hard to survive and thrive with the past crisis; we cannot afford to let the next be fatal.

This means starting or improving your business continuity planning. Identify the dangers and perils that could harm your business. Think outside the box because I guarantee you the pandemic was not in most of these “boxes” at the end of 2019!

Here are some examples of perils that I work with my clients to combat: cyber attack, electronic fraud, system failure resulting in inability to function, water damage, civil liability and employee challenges resulting from a virtual work environment.

While risk management, insurance, and safety management may not be as sexy as growing businesses, they are your safety net to make sure you don’t lose everything to a disaster.

The focus should start with prevention (the cheapest option), then shift to crisis response, then recovery.

Be prepared to give your best. If you follow my work, you know that I am obsessed with the theory of placing our oxygen mask on ourselves first.

In order to advance your sprint to the clubhouse of your company and your employees, you need to be on top of your performance.

It means the following:

Be healthy in your food choices. You are what you eat and most importantly you perform according to the fuel you put into your body. This is not new information, but often overlooked or dismissed by busy business leaders.

Move. I know exercise isn’t everyone’s business, but even moving around regularly during the day is better than sitting at your desk staring at a monitor all day. Lack of movement and sitting is the new smoking. In other words, you’re really hurting yourself by sitting around all day.

Keep perspective. Too often, we allow the lack of perspective to increase stress, apprehension and undue pressure. The consequences can include depression, anxiety, mood swings, and poor decision making.

Final BONUS recommendation: Enjoy.

I guarantee you Captain Jack is having fun on his back at nine o’clock, and so will you. A healthy state of mind is based on the pure enjoyment of what you are doing.

Embrace it all – the good, the bad and, what is often normal, the daily grind.

The turning point for 2021 is upon us. Are you ready to speed up your stride and performance towards the clubhouse?

Dan Weedin is a strategist, speaker, author and executive coach. It helps business leaders and entrepreneurs in small and mid-market businesses to grow more profitably and create better lives. He was inducted into the Million Dollar Consultant ™ Hall of Fame in 2012. Dan can be reached at 360-271-1592; Send an email to [email protected] or visit their website at

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