Richmond non-profit seeks to relaunch its employment program

Pathways Clubhouse is looking to relaunch its employment program for people struggling with mental health issues.

Pathways Clubhouse will host its eighth annual “Taking Care of Business” Breakfast on November 8 to show appreciation for the nonprofit’s supporters and volunteers.

This is their first in-person breakfast, which hosted more than 250 people, after a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19.

This year, the focus is on bringing employment back to the fore. Due to the difficulties that COVID-19 has caused for many businesses, jobs have been lost and bridging jobs for Clubhouse members have been put on hold.

“We have so many members who are willing and able to find employment, so it’s up to us to support them,” said Dave MacDonald, General Manager of Pathways Clubhouse.

Before COVID-19, MacDonald said, Pathways Clubhouse was so successful that they ultimately didn’t have to pitch their employment program to companies.

“We were rather thanking those who helped us with employment services,” MacDonald said.

The nonprofit helps provide resources such as access to housing, education and employment for people living with mental illness.

Taking care of business is an hour-long breakfast at the Executive Airport Plaza Hotel.

A member of the Clubhouse will be the keynote speaker and share their experiences, recovery and future goals.

It is free to apply and become a member of Pathways Clubhouse.

The organization works to change perspectives on what it means to live with mental illness.

They want to remove the stigma of labels such as “user” or “patient” and clubhouse members are instead seen as contributors and participants.

The deadline to register for the Taking Care of Business Breakfast is Wednesday, November 2.

To register, click here or email [email protected]

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