Should your office be more like a clubhouse? This HQ makes the case

The company has worked with INC Architecture & Design for interiors, a company behind large-scale projects including the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge and the TWA Hotel. Founding partner and creative director Adam Rolston said the townhouse lent itself to Serhant’s vision of a residential environment. “It was like home and not in a company, but like a real corporate headquarters because of its size,” he says.

Rolston and his team incorporated variations of Serhant’s signature blue hue. on all four floors and found elegant furniture by Herman Miller and Design Within Reach in shades of orange, white and gray. “All of the pieces are functional but stylish,” Rolston says. Contemporary light fixtures and towering plants enhance the modern, bright aesthetic. Anyone who walks through Serhant’s front door. House NYC is greeted with a giant floating blue S with a dot, which Rolston says is a perfect Instagram moment.

A Zoom stand for intimate and hybrid meetings.

Photo: SERHANT. Studios

the servant S-a site for selfies.

Photo: SERHANT. Studios

The ground floor also features an open plan cinema studio that resembles a living room with its sofas and armchairs, a conference table that can double as a dining table, and the aforementioned bar that the company hosts for staff meetings. There is even a bartender on site who prepares a different cocktail each month. (This month’s featured cocktail is “Fall in New York,” an elixir made with tequila and cinnamon.)

Rolston describes the second floor as the “workhorse” of the building and where the notion of a clubhouse becomes reality. It has a large lounge area with coffee tables and sofas, coworking desks and another conference room. Everywhere, Herman Miller and Design Within Reach furniture dot the space.

The townhouse’s third floor and basement are dedicated to offices for full-time employees, while office furniture maker Room’s Zoom booths are spread over three levels.

Certain attire, like this conference room, sticks to the conventions of the office.

Photo: SERHANT. Studios

Servant. is one of many real estate and interior design brands that are redefining office life. The Swiss furniture company Vitra, for example, opened a club office at its headquarters in Basel this summer. The new design includes several seats with sofas and chairs, workstations and flexible furniture that can be moved and rearranged quickly and easily.

Additionally, one of the key lessons from October’s NeoCon conference for commercial interior design experts is innovative furniture coming to market for the workplace of the future. Think of tents and pergolas intended for both individual and collaborative work and flooring with biophilic patterns.

Serhant, for his part, who moved into the townhouse in June and officially opened it in September with a champagne-filled housewarming party, says the house’s mentality is already serving its business well. “People get together when they want and work individually when they need to,” he says. “It’s a place where everyone is welcome. My home is your home, and you are always invited to come in.

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