Snowmobile Trail Report, February 10, 2022

Whoever is doing the snow dance, you can stop by anytime for the next few days.

Whoever is doing the snow dance, you can stop by anytime for the next few days. Over the past 10 days, Caribou and surrounding areas picked up over 32 inches of fresh snow. The last two storms have given us some wet, packed snow which will definitely help the trails once temperatures drop below freezing.

All clubs have been extremely busy with all the fresh snow Mother Nature has given us. The best thing for sleds is to get out and blow air out of the snow, it helps with grooming efforts. Saturday should be in the mid 30’s which means the trails will get soft and mealy quickly, it’s a good day to get out and hit the trails less traveled and you won’t be disappointed.

With fuel prices as high as they are, more and more clubs are handing out donation cans in stores, restaurants and clubhouses. The more these clubs get, the more they can prepare.

As the snow continues to accumulate the signs will become shorter, so please if you come across any signs that are buried please try to get out of the snow or clean up in front of the panel.

Deer and moose really like the white carpet that all clubs lay down, so if you see tracks on the trail, that means they’re on them, so be careful.


Sly Brook (Soldier Pond): Noting that they will be released on Thursday and that they will all be finished. Please keep an eye out for moose, as the snow thickens they will walk on the trails where it is easier.

Washburn Trail Runners (Washburn): Reporting that their 105 at Blackstone is in good shape, as is the 83 at Crouseville. Trail 61 is closed due to logging, please do not use this trail. The kitchen is open Friday 8-2, Saturday 7-2 and Sunday 7-12. Hopefully we will get a fair amount of snow from this storm passing through on Saturday!

Portage Lakers: They’re reporting they’re out night and day smoothing the trails. Please be careful as deer are everywhere near town.

Caribou: Good conditions reported and groomers out day and night. The logging operation off ITS 83 is complete, so this area will no longer be plowed. The 90A trail is used a lot and will get rougher as we are not able to groom with a big machine, it is done with a small pipe drag.

Fort Kent SnoRiders (Fort Kent): Announced that they will be out every night as the new snow will take a few days to settle.

Eagle Lake Winter Riders: Reporting that they got 10 more inches and the trails will be in good condition for the weekend.

Fort Fairfield Snowmobile Club: Reports in good shape.

St. Francis Sno-Angels: reporting that they will be out tonight and getting the trails back in good shape in no time. If you’re in the area on a Saturday, stop in for beans and franks at the clubhouse. 11 a.m. until departure.

Central Aroostook Snowmobile Club (Mars Hill, Blaine, Bridgewater and Monticello): Central Aroostook sign. They hope to have everything done by Friday. The warmer temperatures make it difficult to go outside during the day. Reminder of logging at Bridgewater. Plowed 2.3 mile section, landowner will allow snowmobile trail to continue through this area if speed does not exceed 30 mph, and yield to motor vehicles. If there are any problems they will close that section of track and the club will have to redirect 20 miles.

Ashland Snowmobile Club: Reports they will have all trails completed in the next day and a half. Watch for deer coming to town, especially near the IGA.

Moose Town Riders (Allagash): They report that they will be out day and night.

Frenchville Snowmobile Club: reporting that they have been out all last night and during the day today. It will be out before the weekend. Lots of fresh snow.

Red Arrow (Sainte-Agathe and Sinclair): report that all trails were done Tuesday evening and will be every evening.

Chapman Ridge runners: Note that all trails were groomed before the storm and will start again Thursday morning.

Aroostook River Snowmobile (Mapleton and Castle Hill): Reporting that they gear up every night to track new snow.

Easton Trailbreakers (Easton): Report they will be out and get them in top shape for the weekend.

Madawaska Snowmobile Club: They report that they are operational and that they will not turn off the machine. They will be released tonight and Thursday.

Cold Mountain Snowmobile Club (Grand Isle): We are reporting good conditions and will be out overnight. There is logging on 81c going through the woods near the tower just as the trail crosses the golf course road.

Gateway Snowmobile Club (Van Buren): They will be out every night.

Almost Isle Snowmobile Club: the maintenance gremlins also caught up with us as earlier this week we lost a wheel on one of our machines, luckily it was found, and repairs were done quickly, meaning that the two groomers run day and night to hammer this new foot of snow and punch the level crossings. in the meantime, we urge you to be careful because the snow banks on the highway are very high, so watch out for car traffic. All of our hotel and restaurant trails, including the new downtown trail, will be done over the next few days as well as all of our connecting trails with our neighboring snowmobile clubs. thank you to our snow groomer operators for getting the job done in time for the upcoming weekend traffic.

Nordic Lakers (New Sweden, Westmanland): The NorthStar variety now sells gas without ethanol.

Pleasant Ridge Riders (Caswell): Reporting that they go out regularly. Parent’s Country Store is located just off the Border Trail and has something for everyone. They carry all brands of oil including Amsoil. They also carry phone chargers, gloves, spark plugs, and snowmobile tow straps.

Walker Siding Snowmobile Club: Reports that they hope to have their machine repaired soon. They got apart from a local club and hoping it will work out.


Molunkus Valley Sno-Drifters: The marked trails were all groomed before the snowfall and will be open again.

*Bowlin/Mattagamon/Shin Pond:

* Rockabema Snow Rangers – ITS 81 at Shin Pond – ITS 112 at Island Falls – 62 Club Trail North Groomed Clubhouse Trail, Icehouse Trail (57), ITS 81N at Libby’s Lodge. The trails are ready for a great weekend!

* Linneus Sno Sports – ITS 105 from Hodgdon to ITS 83 – 61 Linneus to Oakfield. Groomed trails last night and this morning. Leonard nursed until the sun came up and ITS 83 to ITS 105 until the guesthouse on New Denmark Rd. was ready. The machine traveled Trail 1 to the Haynesville Bridge, then back to ITS 105 to Trail 61 (Joe Martin Rd.) to where it meets ITS 83, then doubled back to ITS 105 and the clubhouse. Also, ITS 83 north and the bypass through Mooers Rd to where we meet Meduxnekeag has been groomed. Just a reminder, the clubhouse will be open for lunch Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. so be sure to stop by for lunch, a snack, a coffee, or just to warm up and say hello.

*Meduxnekeag Ramblers – ITS 83 north to Monticello – ITS 86 south to Houlton – ITS 86 to Oxbow- 81 Club Trail. After some repairs and welding on the big orange machine, ITS 86 was done last night for Linneus to join us at the bottom of Gardner Hill…. Do the loop through the Bass Farm then to the suspension bridge. The trails are in excellent condition. It doesn’t get any better!

*Big Valley Snow Club at Birch Point to Island Falls – ITS 112 – ITS 83 north – 60 and 54 to Oakfield – ITS 83 south Well over a foot of fresh snow! Ethan exited in the Tucker on ITS 83 South for a double pass and the Bombardier is on ITS 83 N and ITS 112 to Patten Junction. The Big Valley Sno Club will be prepared for weekend riding. Watch for snow groomers on the trails tonight and on the 60, Mattawamkeag River Loop and 54 overnight or Saturday.

* Eastern Maine Snow Rovers – ITS 110 – ITS 81 and 1. Trails look good! If you’re taking Trail 1 North, it’s possible to bypass the snow ploughed road by exiting Trail 3 and taking a right onto 3A and back to Trail 1. It may be 10 miles out of the way, but you might avoid the snow-covered road. Backtrack south and take 3A then stay left to follow trail 3 then back on 1. Excellent conditions.

East Grand Snowmobile Club: announces that they will be on 105 South tonight. They wait for the temperatures to cool down enough.

Oxbow-Masardis Snowmobile Club: Lots of snow! I started packing the trails early this morning and will be out tonight and again tomorrow morning and again tomorrow night. That’s pretty much around-the-clock grooming. Utilization is high even mid-week, so it’s hard to keep anything flat. Hotter weather doesn’t help the ether, but we’re all the same boat


Meduxnekeag Ramblers Saturday breakfast at the clubhouse on Wiley Rd. in Littleton from 6-9am. Everyone is welcome.

Limestone will host a poker race on February 26, leaving the pavilion at 10:00 a.m., registration begins at 9:00 a.m. $5 per hand. The $20 entry fee will be a spaghetti dinner at the end at the grill by N.

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