Spider-Man Unlocks Shiny New ‘Last Resort’ Web Ability

Spider-Man has a last resort web ability that can save him from certain death – but he can only use it once and comes at a terrible cost.

Warning: contains spoilers for Spiderman #8!

marvel’s Spider Man just demonstrated a remarkable web-based ability that can easily save his life – but it’s a last-ditch maneuver that carries incredible risks. Peter Parker’s suite of powers already makes him very difficult to hit even in combat, let alone seriously hurt him; his Spider-Sense ability in particular has allowed him to escape certain death time and time again. But Spiderman #8 reveals Peter’s main weakness – his inability to save himself from a high fall without webs – can be countered with a unique tactic.


Peter Parker is best known as a very vertical superhero; he is able to travel great distances with his wall-crawling abilities, signature twin web-shooters, and Spider-Sense (allowing him to sense obstacles he would otherwise encounter). Most villains can’t even throw a single punch at him, but Peter often takes on enemies as nimble and maneuverable as he is. Case in point: Vulture, a villain with a winged costume that lets him attack Peter from the air – and knock him to the ground far below.

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In Spider-Man #8, written by Zeb Wells with art by John Romita Jr., the flying villain Vulture engages Peter in a surprise attack, sends him flying higher than all the buildings in New York City – and drops him. Vulture previously shredded Spider-Man’s web shooters in the previous issue, so Peter’s primary method of saving himself from great heights is no longer available. At the last second, he realizes that his Webshooter cartridges are under pressure, and he can use his super-strength to snap them in half; the resulting explosion should be enough to slow his fall. He breaks the cans and the effort is successful – barely. Spider-Man punches dozens of tree branches on his way down, and though badly bruised and battered, he is miraculously alive.

Unfortunately, there’s a huge downside to this strategy: Spider-Man no longer has web canisters to use in battle. Although the Vulture crushed Peter’s web shooters beforehand anyway, it’s still a unique tactic that effectively takes Spider-Man out of the fight until he can gather or create more canisters. Still, it shows Spider-Man’s ingenuity in battle and proves that Peter Parker is one of the Marvel Universe’s major geniuses. Spider-Man may not be as smart as Reed Richards or Iron Man, but his knowledge of chemistry runs deep (and is the only character to devise a formula for his specialized web with remarkable adhesive properties while dissolving into one o’clock).

Spider-Man wins the battle against the Vulture thanks to Norman Osborn’s new suit. He uses many new gadgets in the suit, but the start of the battle proved that he could find new goals for each one. by Spider Man a new tactic allows him to save himself, but it leaves him empty-handed…and it’s a good thing he’s made alliances with the likes of Norman Osborn to allow him to survive.

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