Stepping into the future of smart communities

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Smart communities are those that consciously decide to take a different approach to the future. They understand that contemporary urban and rural problems cannot be solved with outdated methods and technologies of the past.

New technologies and data will have a big impact on smart communities, but these communities are also ones that are open to reinventing the entire human experience. Their main areas of focus are things like safety, community engagement, collaboration, visibility, engagement, and health.

Additionally, millions of people now have quick access to information on public transport, traffic, health services, emergency alerts and local news through smartphones.

This perspective makes it clear that smart communities represent a sea change in our approach to community planning, design and management – ​​not just a small improvement on existing conditions.

Ultimately, however, new developments that provide holistic, integrated, game-changing community experiences are what’s needed.

Dive into the future of smart living

(Credit: TRP/JaGa solution)

Here at Platinum Victory’s newest project, Platinum Casa Danau Residences, you’ll find that smart living is well-defined – ticking all the boxes on what it means to live in a smart community without compromising on safety, accessibility and comfort.

Platinum Casa Danau Residences puts safety first, with multi-level security features including 24-hour guard patrol and emergency assistance to keep your mind at ease.

Not only that, Platinum Casa Danau Residences takes their smart life preservation very seriously and their functionality is not just limited to old platforms.

With the introduction of the JaGa app, residents can do everything they need and more at the touch of a button on their own smartphone. The JaGa app includes a digital intercom that connects you directly to the guard post. You can also pay your maintenance fees, book installations, and stay up to date with the latest events and comments, all in one app!

The app is also able to connect you with qualified professionals ranging from home services, car maintenance, wellness and more.

The best of both worlds!

(Credit: Erik Mclean/Zukiman Mohamad via Pexels)

Sometimes what we want is to escape the general hustle and bustle of city life. Crazy traffic, hectic cityscapes can really make living there so unattractive. But living away from the city has its downsides – having to drive an hour to get to a mall or to send your kids to school may not be an ideal daily routine.

What if there was a place that could meet you halfway?

Strategically located in the heart of KL in the thriving township of Setapak, Platinum Casa Danau Residences is located within 15 minutes of 12 (yes, TWELVE) shopping malls, 3 LRT stations, 14 schools, 5 colleges and universities, and 2 hospitals.

Big on convenience and accessibility, Platinum Casa Danau Residences is surrounded by everything you would need to live a comfortable life. This quality extends beyond its location – rest assured that you will also have more to enjoy in your own living space!

(Credit: TRP)

Platinum Casa Danau Residences offers you 1184 square feet of spacious living for work and play. All units are equipped with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and a wide range of amenities to provide you with an exceptional lifestyle.

Some of the amenities include a playground, daycare, and convenience stores located on the ground floor. At the Podium on level 7, there is a gym, a swimming pool, a paddling pool, a laundry room and a multipurpose room. You can also enjoy stunning views of the KL skyline from the Sky Leisure rooftop on level 36.

(Credit: TRP)

Visit the Platinum Victory sales gallery and take a look at the Platinum Casa Danau Residences show unit at The Ark by Platinum Victory located in Setapak. Platinum Victory’s Ark is also a one-stop destination for you to explore ideas for designing and customizing your perfect home!

For more information on Platinum Casa Danau Residences visit their website or call 011 722 6660.

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