Sunlight Mountain Resort is investing a lot of money in user improvement

Sunlight Mountain Manager and Chief Snowmaker Mike Baumli powers up new snowmaking equipment at Sunlight Mountain Base.
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Snow crunched under Troy Hawks’ boots on Friday as he inspected Sunlight Mountain Resort’s newly expanded lower parking lot, nestled in the ravine below.

“Some days in past seasons we had people parked along the 4-mile highway almost a quarter-mile down,” said Hawks, the resort‘s director of marketing and sales. “This parking lot extension is the biggest capital improvement for the complex in the past four decades.”

Priced at nearly $ 500,000, the parking upgrades include 80 additional parking spaces and three electric vehicle charging pylons capable of charging six vehicles at a time.

Two of the charging pylons were purchased with an $ 18,000 grant from the Colorado Energy Office, Holy Cross Energy donated a third, and Alpine Bank assisted with the installation through a sponsorship program of three years, explained Hawks.

“There is a growing group of electric vehicle users who frequent the mountain,” he said. “And as a ski and snowboard resort we are extremely environmentally conscious, so it’s always nice to add steps towards environmental stability.”

To encourage more EV owners to take the trek this year, the resort is offering two-for-one lift tickets on the opening weekend, initially scheduled for Friday, then postponed due to a lack of snow.

Hawks said the deal will remain in place for the new opening weekend once it’s announced.

On the mountain, Sunlight has invested around $ 50,000 in new heads and hoses for the resort’s snowmaking equipment, which will make the process more efficient and environmentally friendly, he added.

Leadville-based artist Kevin Mastin has been commissioned to paint a new trail map for the resort, which will include five recently added trails to the East Ridge.

“It’s a great new perspective encompassing the whole mountain,” Hawks said.

The resort has also invested approximately $ 130,000 in a suite of digital upgrades, including new point-of-sale and e-commerce software and a new website.

“The new elevator scanners will reduce wait times,” said Hawks. “And, digital upgrades will streamline the purchasing process for season ticket holders.”

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