The Attico Resort 2022 Collection

“It all started with a cowboy hat,” The Attico’s Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini said during a resort date. Why a cowboy hat? Just because. Inspiration can come in inexplicable forms.

There’s clearly quite a cultural narrative behind a cowboy hat, but Tordini and Ambrosio haven’t given it much thought. They are not brain designers; rather, they are trendy animals with a natural instinct for party glamor. Pairing a cowboy hat with a feathered sequined mini dress is proof that the Attico girl can get away with just about any incongruous style thing and still look, in their words, “sexy,” daring, daring, free to be whatever it pleases. “

At a time when party wear is a priority and a plating of glam and shine is applied to every collection, The Attico seems to be in the right place. The resort is full of alluring options – think carefully, mussel liquid viscose columns accumulating at the hem; ankle-length bodycon tank dresses with a generous scoop neckline and high side slits revealing strappy stockings; and ultra-short mini-dresses with thin straps embroidered with multi-faceted sequins, reflecting the light with the techno sparkle of a disco ball.

Tordini and Ambrosio not only keep their daughters in party clothes, but also provide them with an equally attractive wardrobe for everyday life. To that end, they expanded Attico’s vocabulary, adding more articulate tailoring alternatives, like shapely suits with clean-cut, cuffless blazers closed with logo hooks and worn over stirrup leggings. matching or tight, slightly flared pants. Rendered in chunky sculptural crepe energized with vibrant shades of turquoise, flame red or purple, they look wearable while seducing the figure.

Duality and multiplicity were at play in the collection, as they are in the general fashion conversation. Alluring glitter surfaces shared shelves with comfy knit options (a sequined miniskirt is worn with a twisted ribbed wool top with knotted seams), while oversized, loose proportions oppose ultra-tight molded proposals ( like a big leather bomber jacket over another sequined miniskirt).

Today’s complexities are not lost on Tordini and Ambrosio. “We live in a kind of cinematic reality,” they said. “Every day it’s like women have to audition for a role, like actresses looking to prove their talent to get a role in a movie. It’s like we’re always under surveillance, or in the spotlight. Maybe a playful, nonchalant gesture like putting on a cowboy hat for no particular reason lifts our spirits, makes us feel ready to undergo the umpteenth audition and finally get that part.

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