The Bar Harbor Parks and Recreation Committee discusses the future of the Glen Mary Wading Pool tonight July 18 6pm

The Bar Harbor Parks and Recreation Committee will meet onsite at the Glen Mary Wading Pool in Bar Harbor tonight July 18 at 6pm to discuss the future of the popular wading pool which doubles as a winter skating rink!

On May 2, we announced the decision to keep the Glen Mary paddling pool closed for 2022 and perhaps beyond.

The pool is unfortunately beyond repair and will be closed for at least the 2022 season and most likely the 2023 season. We originally considered spending some of the capital improvement line to limp it for another season or two but now that we have realistic quotes and timelines, the earliest it could be fixed is August and the cost estimates are way beyond what we budgeted. Our Director of Public Works, Bethany, and I shared this with the Parks and Recreation Committee last night and received their understanding (sic) and support. As part of the FY24 budget (from July 1, 2023), we will seek to allocate additional capital to address this issue, but as part of infrastructure outreach efforts in the coming months, we will seek to raise the comments from the community on their wish to see this site arrive.

Since then, there has been an outcry over the move and a desire to reopen the facility. Tonight is the first step in collecting feedback

Tonight’s schedule can be viewed HERE

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