The Clubhouse meets the Masterclass! Wisdom App Launches World’s Largest Mentoring Platform Via Social Audio

Thousands of mentors join the launch to democratize access to mentoring.

  • Founded by Dayo Akinrinade, a black founder passionate about mentoring for all, Wisdom replaces the iniquity of closed networks and the “warm intros” of her peers with an accessible community centered on knowledge sharing.

  • Its creator-driven approach puts mentors in control with the goal of creating the world’s largest mentoring platform

  • With its commitment to social audio and algorithm-friendly design, everything Wisdom does is designed to drive and promote the conversations that matter.

  • Thousands of mentors join launch to democratize access to mentoring

LONDON, October 14, 2021– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Wisdom, the social audio app designed to democratize mentoring, is now available in the UK, US, Australia and Canada. Founded by Dayo Akinrinade, the Wisdom app is an inclusive space where diverse people come together to have conversations that matter.

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Photo of Dayo Akinrinade, Founder and CEO of the Wisdom social audio app (Photo: Business Wire)

On a mission to become the next great social audio community, Wisdom taps into the intimacy and authenticity provided by the emerging medium. Social drop-in audio is transforming social media because it brings interactions and conversations back to their roots. As the oldest and most “human” medium of all societal interactions, audio is the antithesis of the heavily filtered nature of today’s visual applications and which helps amplify the voices of all groups. and communities.

Wisdom is the latest application to be launched in the blank social audio market. Unlike other social audio apps, like Clubhouse, Wisdom is designed from the ground up to promote conversations that matter: in-depth conversations about something important. Members can chat live with experts on dozens of topics ranging from parenting, fitness and dating to startups, mental health and beauty. They can listen live or play the recordings at their own pace.

In Wisdom, when a mentor starts a conference, listeners can line up to ask questions. A timer keeps the conversation moving so that no guest can monopolize the conversation; make sure all voices are heard. Inspired by Tiktok, Wisdom is based on an algorithm-driven design that quickly learns what members like to listen to. Conversation recommendations are made by a deep learning neural network.

Dayo Akinrinade, Founder and CEO of Wisdom, said: “I founded Wisdom to democratize access to mentoring. During my time at OneTech, the largest diversity program in startups in London, I noticed that various people from under-represented groups did not have access to mentorship. I have also personally seen how impossible it is to use platforms like LinkedIn Expert inboxes are inundated with ‘choose your brain’ requests that end up being ignored unless the request is made through a warm introduction, which in itself is a crystallization of systemic inequality. “

A global mentoring platform

Connecting with others in meaningful ways has been proven to make people happier, with deep conversations with strangers more enjoyable than small chats. Wisdom will cultivate this, with thousands of people already signed up as mentors, making it the largest mentoring platform in the world. These experts will be able to use Wisdom to share their knowledge, interact directly with their audience, and give back while heading downstairs to the next great social audio community.

While the platform is free to members, as part of its mission to democratize mentoring, Wisdom will also empower its mentors through monetization tools so they can grow their own businesses. Monetization features will be added to Wisdom later this year.

Akinrinade added: “Consider that Masterclass doesn’t have more than hundreds of experts on its platform and doesn’t allow deep interactions and isn’t free. With Wisdom, we’re building something very different. Ultimately, what we are building with Wisdom is a new social graph… the Mentor Graph. It is not a messy “talk graph” of anyone on any topic, but a social graph of people who can help start a career or change a life for the better. People today crave conversations that matter. We believe that wisdom is the platform where those conversations can live. “

The Wisdom app is available for download today for iPhone. Android is coming soon.

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