The Estes beginner rocket set I send to my niece

I’m sending my niece this awesome Estes rocket starter set.

My nephew is the kind of guy who does an incredibly detailed job helping his sister build this rocket model. The niece, however, will shout ‘OH YEAH!’ like the Kool-Aide Man and find out how to propel his roller skates.

This simple kit contains everything my brother will need to introduce kids to model rockets, except the motors and “salvage padding”.


High performance rocket model at a moderate price. The 16 inch FLASH is a great addition to Estes’ Snaps range of miniature rockets. You can feel the thrill of building and piloting your own high performance miniature rocket without the need to stick or wait. The FLASH rocket kit literally “snaps into place” in minutes with the uniquely molded fin set. The pre-colored body tube attaches easily and die-cut decals are a snap to apply. In a few minutes you will have built your 1st model rocket that will look like it was made by a pro! Ease of assembly is just one of the great features of this set. The main feature of the FLASH is its sleek, drag-defying design that delivers high performance, impactful flight in the clouds at over 925 feet on Estes standard rocket engines.

Each Flash Launch Kit comes with a miniature FLASH plug-in rocket kit and our super reliable Estes launch system.

Even as an adult, it’s hard to say “recovery cotton wool” without a smile.

The good thing is that I can count on my sister-in-law to be responsible and make sure there are no forest fires.

Estes-1478 flash rocket launch kit via Amazon

Estes A8-3 Engine Pack (3-each) via Amazon

Recovery wadding via Amazon

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