These are the best MP3 players for swimming

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With these MP3 players, you can swim smoothly while listening to your favorite music or even radio and podcast programs.

Swimming is one of the most complete sports you can play, but swimming for a long time can be boring. If your thing is to play sports and put on your favorite songs to motivate yourself, there is a solution.

MP3 players are still alive and in the swimming world there are some specially designed for swimmers. They are completely airtight so it doesn’t matter if you swim in open water or in a pool as they support everything.

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There are many products for swimmers that you can get cheaply, such as smartwatches for swimming in pools or those designed for open water swimmers.

These MP3 players are designed to take up as little space as possible and are comfortable to use, although of course the headphones should be worn properly to prevent water from entering the ear.

The only problem you will have is finding MP3 files. Nowadays, being in the age of streaming, it can be a bit complicated. But if you still have a good MP3 music library, you will only have to connect them to the computer and drag the songs.

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Best value for money: Sony NW-WS413

Sony NW-WS413 on Amazon

These headphones Sony NW-WS413 They are one of the top sellers among people looking to play music while swimming. These are sports headphones designed to withstand even salt water thanks to the IP65 / IP68 specification.

they have one 4 GB capacity to store music or a podcast, a 12 hours of battery life, can be submerged up to 2 meters for 30 minutes and must be used with swim caps for their water resistance design to work.

You can get them on Amazon for 79.90 euros.

With Bluetooth: CYBORIS headphones

CYBORIS Headphones on Amazon

the Cyboris swimming headphones they are a blend of the best of both worlds. On the one hand you have headphones with IPX8 to put them in the water, on the other hand they also have bluetooth to pair it with a mobile.

The downside is that Bluetooth works up to 10 meters, so if you’re swimming in a pool it won’t make much sense. Of course he has 16 GB of storage to save your music. His autonomy is 16 hours.

It can be purchased on Amazon for 44.99 euros.

Very light: Tayogo

Tayogo Swimming Headphones on Amazon

the Tayogo swimming headphones They stand out for being very light, they weigh only 32 grams and have headphones that fit all ears and have plugs to prevent water from entering.

It has a capacity of 8 GB, it is compatible with almost all current audio formats such as MP3, Wav, FLAC, OGG… It is completely waterproof and the main module can be removed as if it were a key USB.

Its price on Amazon is only 45.98 euros.

By bone conduction: Meowav

Meowav Bone Conduction Headphones on Amazon

Some different headphones, because they don’t actually use the traditional method of sending waves to your ear, these are Meowav bone conduction headphones. They are fully waterproof and can be used for swimming.

Its technology emits sound waves directly to the bones of the head near the ear. The result is clear sound, which is sure to surprise anyone who has not tried them. They also have bluetooth although it has 16 GB of storage and 16 hours of battery life.

You can find them on Amazon for 79.99 euros with free shipping.

Wired reader: Sewobye

Sewobye Swim Player on Amazon

Sewobye offers a different swimming player. Instead of being in the form of a headband to be worn around the head, it is a module to which you plug in headphones that block water.

The idea is to place it in the rubber of the glasses or perhaps in the swimsuit thanks to its clip. The headphones have a long cord that you can adjust so they don’t get in the way. AT 8 GB capacity and 16 hours of playback.

They cost 49.90 euros on Amazon with totally free shipping.

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