Tiger Woods, toilet paper and one of the funniest Ryder Cup stories you’ll hear

Tiger Woods hit a tee shot in 2002.

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Oh no. And oh yes.

First, oh no. It’s day one of the 2002 Ryder Cup at Belfry, England, and Tiger Woods and Paul Azinger are set to face Darren Clarke and Thomas Bjorn as a quartet when Woods visits the clubhouse. We’ll let Lee Westwood take care of it. In this week’s episode of Off hook podcast, host Jimmy Bullard asked him about his old caddy, Billy Foster, and this little gem was given to us.

“One of my favorite stories Billy tells is about the 2002 Ryder Cup at Belfry,” Westwood said on the podcast. “First morning, you get the first morning nerves, don’t you? They are therefore all on the green outside the belfry. And Billy decides he needs it – he must have a number two. So there’s a toilet right inside the door to the clubhouse, so he’s jogging.

“And Darren Clark and Thomas Bjorn, they play Tiger Woods and somebody else, I don’t remember who it was [Azigner]. He’s going to sit in – there’s two traps, and he’s going to sit in trap one, pull his pants down, look to the side, there’s no toilet paper. So get them back quickly, get into trap number two. Next thing, he’s set down like that, and he’s wiping his backside, and he hears that “tick, tick, tick” – spikes – on the floor. Now, not a lot of people wearing cleats anymore back then, so he knows who it is. It’s Tiger, isn’t it?

“Tiger felt the need to go before [laughs]. So he said, ‘Should I tell him or not? No, I won’t tell him. So he lets him do his things then looks to the side, no toilet paper and lets out a little moan, like, oh no. So Billy said, “Should I leave him?” So he thought, “Should I leave him or do I help a man?

“So he rolls out some leaves, puts them under the door like that, and takes them out, and he says, ‘Europe, one up.'”

” That is what he said ? Laughed Bullard, a former professional football player. “What a legend! Billy, I love you. Ah, this is the class.

Oh no for Woods. Oh yes for those who like a good yarn. Over the years, we’ve heard colorful stories from the Major Winner 15 times, and this one is one of the best. Ultimately, Woods and Azinger lost the opener and Europe beat the United States.

“He’s got some great stories,” Westwood said of Foster.

To listen to the entire podcast – and it’s worth listening to – click below.

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