Toronto Zoo Hyena is living her best life taking a bubble bath (VIDEO)


Humans aren’t the only ones who need some pampering. A Toronto zoo hyena was spotted taking relaxation to the next level on Wednesday by having a quick spa treatment. In a video posted to Facebook, the animal can be spotted enjoying a bubble bath in the empty zoo.

Like us, this adorable hyena named Kanzi loves taking the time to take a good bath. Toronto zookeepers were happy to put bubbles in his pool for a relaxing spa experience.

In the video, Kanzi can be seen first dipping his paws into the soapy water bath. Once the four-legged creature seemed to get used to the bath, it splashed on the face first.

The splash lasts for about a minute before Kanzi can be seen happily stepping out of the pool and back onto the grass.

“Spotted hyena spa treatment. Sitters provided Kanzi’s bubbles in her pool as a form of enrichment #ClosedButStillCaring #TheZooToYou,” read the Facebook message.

As the zoo remains closed to visitors, it appears the animals are given additional treats to keep them entertained. In fact, most animals have had more time to enjoy each other’s company without the presence of humans.

Last week a pair of alpacas were spotted meeting excited gorillas and the pictures were adorable.

As the furry alpacas wandered over to the gorilla enclosure, the excited monkeys could be seen banging on the glass as they met their new friends.

In fact, gorillas have become adept at making new friends over the past month, as they have also been introduced to turtles with whom they instantly become best friends.

Animals have also found other ways to cure their boredom in recent months.

A crow was spotted passing the time playing Connect4, while a hippo created artwork to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Not only have zoo animals been living the time of their lives lately, but wild animals have been spotted roaming the city of Toronto. Foxes, deer and even coyotes have been seen crawling the sidewalks and making their way to the parks while the humans stay inside.


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