Villager sentenced to jail for attacking woman who fled to swimming pool to ask for help

Michel Joseph Dimaulo

A resident of The Villages has been sentenced to nine months in prison following an attack in which a woman fled into a swimming pool to seek help.

Michael Joseph Dimaulo, 43, who lives at 212 Montoya Drive in the village of Rio Ponderosa, was convicted last month in Sumter County court of forcible confinement, domestic violence by strangulation and intimidation. He was recognized for 188 days already served in prison.

He had been arrested on January 22 in connection with an attack days earlier on his recurring girlfriend in The Villages, during which he dragged her by the hair and punched her in the head. When she tried to grab her keys and escape through the garage of her home, he pinned her against a wall, according to the arrest report from the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office.

She eventually escaped and fled to the pool at Summerhill where she believed there was a phone she could use. However, when she got to the pool, she discovered the phone was “locked and secure”. She returned home and found that Dimaulo had fled. She had suffered bruises on her neck and a wad of hair had been torn from her scalp. The lock of hair was recovered from a trash can. The woman was “crying and very nervous about speaking”, when deputies arrived, according to the report. The report noted that the woman is 5ft 2in tall while Dimaulo is 6ft tall and weighs 175lbs.

Dimaulo was already on criminal probation following a drug arrest in 2019. The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native violated his probation on May 3, 2021 by smoking crack cocaine, according to a document filed in Sumter County Court. Cocaine appeared in a urine sample, but Dimaulo admitted drug use before providing the sample. Dimaulo’s admission prompted the probation officer to recommend leniency for the violation. Dimaulo promised it wouldn’t happen again.

Dimaulo had been arrested in 2017 after he was spotted driving an unauthorized golf cart through the street on the US highway. 27/441 in The Villages.

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