What is the difference between Twitter spaces and the clubhouse?

About 350 million people use Twitter while Clubhouse is still a relatively new business with a user base of around 10-15 million people. Clubhouse recently appeared on Android, which should help it maintain its popularity, but downloads on iPhone have recently dropped. So what is the difference between the Twitter spaces and the Clubhouse and how are the Twitter spaces different from the Clubhouse? Keep reading the article to learn more about these two.

Twitter vs Clubhouse spaces

Starting Wednesday, the user will be able to join Twitter’s Clubhouse-style spaces from desktop and mobile web browsers, making the company’s social audio rooms much more accessible to the public. Previously, spaces were only accessible through the iOS and Android Twitter apps.

However, there is one major restriction with webspaces: you can join spaces but not yet host them. Over the past few months, Twitter has rapidly expanded Spaces and added capabilities to compete with the dedicated Clubhouse social audio app and comparable capabilities from companies such as Discord and Facebook. In May, Twitter extended the ability to host spaces on mobile to anyone with 600 or more followers.

Twitter has announced that Spaces, its Clubhouse competitor, will soon be available for use on the web. On the iOS and Android apps, Twitter Spaces became available to anyone with over 600 followers earlier this month, while Clubhouse finally released its long-awaited Android version around the same time. While Clubhouse has yet to launch on the web, it is a victory for Twitter in the race to dominate the live social audio industry.

Instagram is also touting itself as a competitor of the Clubhouse, allowing users to “go live” while muting their voice and video. You can use Twitter to keep up to date with what’s going on in the world and what others are talking about. When someone comes to Twitter, they see a space on their home timeline that is most likely filled with people talking about a topic that is extremely relevant to them. It could be Bitcoin or anything else that catches your eye.

For the web version of Spaces, Twitter is focusing on a user interface that adapts to the user’s screen size and reminders for scheduled Spaces. Twitter will provide you with an overview of who is in a space and a summary of the topic being discussed before joining. Users will also be able to scroll through their timeline while having the space open on the right side of their screen.

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