“Why can’t we spend some time in our own clubhouse? », Ask the old people of the houses of Sare

Thirty-five elderly Sare Homes, a residential company in Sector 92, Gurugram, demonstrated on Saturday to peacefully protest RWA by putting on a black band. According to residents, in the last 7-8 months since the last RWA, Sare Homes alumni used to hang out in the back room of the clubhouse at the scheduled time. Authorization for the same was given by Elder Rwa in a written document. However, last Monday, when the elders reached the clubhouse, they found the room locked.

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Bhupendra Singh Negi, Senior Citizen of Sare Homes, said: “When we asked the estate manager why the room was locked, we found that the RWA chief and vice president refused to let the elders sit. We asked them for written documents which they officially communicated, the property manager said they had nothing in writing. We waited 3-4 days to get official written documents but we did not receive any, even the members of Rwa did not receive our calls. On Saturday we decided to protest the RWA, but again, none of the RWA representatives took notice. The president of the RWA said he was absent and the secretary said he had to take care of his store. Then we, the elders, decided to inform the police. The police came and got the whole thing and saw all the papers. Then they contacted the RWA but the RWA continued to lie and even imposed false slander on the elders, which is absolutely indecent. Later someone turned off the phone and someone stopped picking up. Then the police intervened. On the basis of written complaints and documents, until further notice, the police have opened the back room of the clubhouse for the elderly ”.

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Praveen Malik, a resident and former president of the RWA (phases 1 and 2), said: “After the police intervened and the clubhouse opened, the police strictly ordered that if this room is closed now, it will be a violation of police orders. As a lot of older people have paid for the clubhouse or the older people’s son or daughters, so it’s not a favor they ask, they deserve it ”.

CitySpidey also attempted to contact member Rwa, but he was currently unavailable. We will update the item once we contact them again.

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