Wicklow pop-up pool gets green light in Blessington

The green light has been given for a pop-up pool in Blessington.

Deputy Jennifer Whitmore welcomed the news that planning permission has been granted. The pop-up pool is an initiative of the Pool for West Wicklow campaign and Swim Ireland, and will be in place in Blessington from September.

“This is great news for the community of West Wicklow, which has long campaigned for swimming facilities like this. Although only a temporary solution, this joint project between the campaign Pool for West Wicklow and Swim Ireland will make swimming accessible to people in West Wicklow, while demonstrating the need to develop local swimming facilities in the area,” she said.

“The pop-up pool will be in Blessington for a period of approximately four months and will be of great benefit to the whole community including schools, sports clubs, community groups and people of all ages. For many, this may be their first opportunity to learn to swim.”

MP Whitmore said she supports the campaign for the development of a swimming pool and sports complex in West Wicklow both as an advisor and as a TD. She said she works closely with community groups such as the Pool for West Wicklow campaign and commends the work they are doing to highlight the need for better facilities in West Wicklow.

“The arrival of the pop-up pool in West Wicklow in September is a great achievement and a stepping stone towards the development of a permanent pool and sports facility in the west of the county. There is a huge recreational deficit in West Wicklow urgently need to be addressed”.


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